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How To Know About Network Weather


The Network Weather Service is a system forecasts the weather based on different computer algorithms and models. It forescasts the behavior of different weather patterns and resources that they deliver during a certain time span. The Network Weather Service uses apparatus like CPU’s and monitors which help them gather data of the conditions. It helps schedulers by providing them with quality of service readings. 

Step 1

The current version of the Network Weather System was developed during the years 1998 and 1999. The prototype was developed by Bob Busby in 1999 at the Kansas State University. A Java version of the software was developed by Hidemoto Nakada from Japan's Ninf Project. Several bugs were fixed when the software’s second version was developed.

Step 2

The current Network Weather System uses time series values of performance in order to make future predictions. The current version only works with time stamp pairs of performance and does not use any models of information from a particular series.

Step 3

Instead it applies all forecasting models to a series and then chooses for itself which model has been most successful for a given time period. If one needs a network weather forecast value then the forecaster makes predictions from each given value in the series. The model which makes the lowest prediction error for existing values is then used to forecast the future value. The pro of this approach is that it can be used on any of the series present in the forecaster. The individual values may need to have different parameters but one can include different parameters from each method and still be sure that the best method will be chosen by the program. The prediction module is well set.

Step 4

Each module is programmed in a way that it uses a different model for forecasting. The driver keeps a check on which module gets the lowest average measure over a period of time and reports the forecast which is sent back. All methods that can be coded with a C and which use time series and can make short range forecasts can be used within the system.

Step 5

The system which is in use at this time has sensors for end to end bandwidth and latency performance, available memory in the CPU and non paged memory.


The Network Weather Service aims to provide accurate measurements for time series analysis. The success of the forecasting depends on the periodicity of measurements. The new protocol of the system enables it to minimize the intrusiveness to the least possible level if decent network conditions exist. However if conditions deteriorate the network weather service itself adapts to the new conditions of the system so that it can ensure that the results are consistent. The increased collision time between both local and wide area networks was measured to be suitably low even when the periodic range was set at 2%.

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