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The Best Printer For a Network


In today’s changing world, with the advancement of information technology printers has replaced photocopy machines and other output devices. These printers are very efficient but on the other hand also expensive. Thus in large offices and buildings a printer network is made to reduce the costs as well asto maximize the machine’s output. Even in home there is aprinter network that is set up which can be shared by two to three computers.

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First, to understand what is aprinter network and how is this useful, one needs to understand the word network? Network is a collection of hardware components and computer devices interconnected through information channel that allow them to share information. In a networks environment each user can access and use the information and resources present on the network.

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These printer networks are usually of two types:
Printer Network PC that uses Shared Printer: A printer that is attached to a desktop PC, while the desktop PC is networked and the printer is "shared" to the network.The user can print to a printer that is connected to a networked "host" desktop PC as long as the printer is shared to the network.They will need the networked computer name (contact network administrator for this help and information).

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Printer Network that uses IP: A printer that is directly connected to the network and has its own IP address (it does not rely on being connected to a Host Computer).

This does not require any physical connection and a single IP can easily print the desired documents. Both of these are the methods through which a printer network can be setup. However as far as the printer type is concerned there are various types of printers available but inkjet and laser printers are the most commonly used. there are different networks for printers which is used in the whole world.


This is the kind of printer that uses ink cartridges and spray nozzles to print text or pictures on the page the desired document is sent to the printer to be printed .Ink jet printers have a good speed and resolution is also good. This kind of printer would be suitable for to setup a printer network at work place that involves printing from a newsletter to books. This is cost effective and in a small setup it gives features such as web connectivity and cloud computing.

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Laser Printers: Workgroup lasers are the one of the smartest choice available for small business or team within a larger organization. Designed to juggle multiple print jobs, these systems have faster processors, more memory, and print engines that are capable of churning out more than 35 pages per minute. They are efficiently used in printer networks and entail high-capacity toner cartridges, and larger paper input and output trays.
These are some of the options in terms of types of printers that are available in for printer networks, before making a decision one should analyze the usage of the printer so that it can produce the desired result.

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