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How To Network With Other Computers

Published at 03/21/2012 03:10:41


With the high demand that is arising in use of computers, it has made man to think how to network with other computers. Networking will allow you to have many computers that you can be able to share and control them from a main computer. Networking will also allow you to use the same internet source with multiple computers at a given time. This will reduce the cost of you providing internet to every computer on its own. Apart from internet sharing, you can also share files and folders within networked computers without having to move from one computer to another. You should be well versed on how to network computers and also how you will network with other computers. There are different ways in which you can network with other computers.

Step 1

The first manner of networking with other computers is the bus topology method. This is a simple way that you can network with computers. To use this method, set up the computers in a straight line to allow application of this networking method. The bus type networks have two distinct ends. Here, computers are networked with its immediate neighbour. This is a cheap way of networking that you can chose if you don’t have enough funds. This method reduces the chances of you making faults while networking as it relies on a single cable.

Step 2

Another is the mesh topology technique. This is a very complex method as it obliges the most somatic connections of all the likely network topologies. Here you connect your computer to all the other computers. This networking method is not used for local area network connections; it is preferred in a limited fashion in wide area network connection, for example the internet. The use of multiple wires will make this method very prone to errors so it needs proper care.

Step 3

If you are thinking of how to network with other computers, then you can also go with the ring topology method. To use this method to network with computers, you should make sure you have a ring like organization of your computers. This is also an inexpensive one as a single connection will allow connection with all the other computers. This method is in some way similar to the bus topology method. Only a single wire is needed to network with all the computers. The only disadvantage with it is that you will have to bring down the whole network so that you can be able to add another computer to the network.

Step 4

You can also go for the star topology if you are looking for ways on how to network with other computers. Here, one computer is connected to the central hub where traffic is directed to provide networking. It is very effective because if a cable becomes faulty, only the computer that is connected by the cable goes down, adding a computer to the network is also very easy.

Step 5

After making sure there is a network with other computers, make sure that the network is functioning properly by starting the computers and letting them suppress and look for occurrence of any network. If the above methods are not applicable, then you can use a router; a modem is another option and, lastly, you can use a multi-port router for network with other computers.


Now, you can configure your network settings for each computer which is a very easy process and enjoy the sharing using your network.

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