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Advantages Of Networking a Desktop Computer


Most homes have more than one computer so this requires a network. Networking desktop computers is very easy and everyone can do it, all it takes is just some network equipment. People nowadays have more than one device that requires internet access so creating a network is very important. Networking desktop computers requires a router, preferably a wireless one, some LAN cables and a WAN cable.


Desktop networking can bring lots of advantages but there is always a security risk. Creating a home network can allow you to share files with all the other house members and this can save a lot of time from putting the information that you wanted to share on a CD or DVD. Sharing files is very easy if you connect your desktop computer to a home network.
You can also share one internet connection for the whole house and especially for all your mobile devices like Smartphone’s, tablets or any other type of device that uses Wi-Fi internet access. Desktop networking is very easy to achieve all you have to do is buy a Wi-Fi router and through it connects your desktop and all other devices. Desktop networking allows your family to share music, files and documents and it allows others to access your hard drive. If you have a laptop and you want to send your work files to your desktop you can just access the local network and start sharing the files.
Backup is easier with desktop networking, because you can save files from other devices into your computer or you can backup files from your desktop into your laptop or tablet.
Desktop networking also allows you to share your printer, this can be very time efficient because you will not spend any time trying to put your printing files onto a memory stick or CD. Sharing the printer is very easy to do and will also allow your whole family to print at the same time.
Desktop networking is very cheap and everyone can afford it and you can also save money because you can share your scanner and printer.
Desktop networking requires a lot of care and you have to be very careful about network security. If a virus enters your desktop computer or any other device that is connected to the network, then the virus can spread to all the devices that access the network. A network antivirus will keep you away from all unpleasant surprises and it will keep your computer clean.


Desktop networking can have security issues when it comes to wireless networks, to make sure that your wireless network is secure you have to add encryption. If you don’t secure your wireless network very good then someone else can enter your wireless network and so your personal files. Just make sure that you setup your wireless network correctly and you have increased security.
Desktop networking will surely ease your life and it will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to sharing files, internet or other devices.

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By Bob Meadow, published at 03/16/2012
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