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4 Things To Check When the Network Is Down


Being the core of modern communication, the scope of the different types of network is notably multiplying in the past decade and this blast was the birth of more advancement of machine networks.


Classification of network is based on the wide variety of features such as communication protocol used (rules and system of digital message formats), topology (interconnection layout pattern), and organizational scope (intranet and extranet). The various types of network is the identified according to their physical range and this is more often known users compared to the other wired technologies identification, such as personal area network (communication of computers and devices is close to one user), local area network (communication of computers and devices is limited to the geographical area), home network (residential LAN), storage area network (provide access to consolidated and block data storage, campus network (composed of interconnected LANS within limited geographical area), backbone network (supply path for the replacement of information between various LANs or subnetworks), and metropolitan network (substantial network that mostly stretch a city, establishments and campuses), wide area network (network that cover a wide geographical area like country), virtual private network (virtual circuits instead of physical wires) and internetwork (computer networks using routers).

Network is useless during downtime and commonly unpredictable. When the network is down, the frequent problem experience by all users is the lack of knowledge on what to check in the network. The first 4 things to determine when the network is down are the following:

What to Check

  1. First thing to do when the network is down is to check possible solution in your operating system network diagnostic utility software. Most brands of the operating system at present has a built in network utilities that help and support various network downtime solution tips. Many of the Windows operating system has this type of feature which helps a non technical person diagnose and be able to understand the possible reasons of the network downtime.
  2. Second is to make sure that all hardware connections are properly inserted. Loosen cable connections are the usual cause of several reported hardware failure cases. For server related hardware problems, you need to check all cable connections and try to remove and insert the cable again.
  3. Third is to check for software bug. If you are fun of downloading different applications from the internet then you are open to attack from malware. After installation of the downloaded software from the net and you experienced problems with your network, you need to check your connection setting if it was changed.
  4. Fourth is to verify router configuration. You can test your router by running internet connectivity evaluation tool built in your operating system or you can run it online. The tool will check your internet routers compatibilities with certain technologies.

Tips and comments

Computer network is a communication channel that attached devices using the standard Internet Protocol Suite to serve various users around the globe. Generally, the network is composed of several host computers and terminal that paved the way of the sharing of resources and information.

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