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How To Find Networking Components


When it comes to computers, most people know at least a little about them, but few people really know a lot about certain things like networks and their components. In fact, networking components are something that few people know anything at all about. However, in order to be able to find your networking components you are going to have to know certain things.

Step 1

In order to be able to find the networking components that will make your computer work the way that you want to you are going to have to know what the different client adapter settings.

Step 2

Look over these adapters and then review the networking components. There is a lot that should be understood about these different options and most people will need to do plenty of research and even ask for help from technical support before make any decision on what is going to be best for them to use.

Step 3

The access points is one of the most important networking components. This is what allows the connectivity between the client and wired network. If you are using a standard Ethernet port then the most that can be between the access point and the switch is about one hundred meters.

Step 4

The first one is that of WLAN controllers. This design will help out with lightweight APs that are connecting to the network. 4404 WLAN controller will act basically as the hub that connects four network switches, that usually support about one hundred access points. The Cisco wireless control system is the software that is usually used with WLAN design, when it comes to optimizing the network.

Step 5

The next of the networking components is that or power injector. The important thing to know is that Cisco access points have different power options. The power injector is just another option for the access points, there are ones such as AC adapters, power injectors, and power over Ethernet. The power injector is the most popular of these but its still worth it to look over all of them before making a decision on what is best for you.


Power over Ethernet is the next of the networking components that you should be aware of. Cisco access points can be used with power over Ethernet only if the modules support that certain feature. The distance is about three hundred feet . Using this method will decrease the implementation costs so many are taking this option as the best option.

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There are other options for the networking components that are available to you. The best bet to make sure that you are getting the best networking components for you is to make sure that you do plenty of research and if need be ask a technical support person to see what they might recommend. If you don’t quite understand about networking components then your best option is going to be to ask for help. Many people don’t do this and end up create more work for themselves and spending more money that they needed to.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/23/2012
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