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What Is Is Network Security


There are different types of networks, like computer network is network which can be private or public. To conduct transactions and communications among different government agencies, businesses and individuals, this is network which is used everyday. Networks consist of nodes which can be servers/ hosts or client terminals. There is network link through communication systems. These links can be either private or public. There is network which is private. It means there is a link within a company and public means openly accessible to all the public. Example of public link is the internet. There are many private networks which use public communication. Employees can access the hosts’ computers in their offices (using a private network) or from anywhere (either from hotels, homes or roads etc). In network security you should identify the threats and then select the most effective tool to combat those threats. There are some tools for the network security like antivirus software packages, secure network infrastructure, using virtual private networks, use identity services, use encryption and there should be best security management.


Network security contains the policies, which network administrator adopts to protect the network from unauthorized access or any misuse. You should verify that is networking secure? It involves the unauthorized access of data within a network. It should be controlled and monitored by the network administrator. They are responsible for monitoring and keeping the network safe. Users are given the passwords and unique user-names for the authorization purposes. Any authenticating information can also be assigned to the users so that they may access their data and information by using their authority.


There are certain attacks from some malicious resources in a network. There are two categories of attacks: either Passive or Active. Passive attack means intercepting the data travelling by network intruder via network. It includes wiretapping network, port scanner network, and idle scan network. Active means initiating commands to interfere the normal operations of network by a network intruder. It includes Denial-of-service attack, Spoofing, Man in the middle, ARP poisoning, Smurf attack, Buffer overflow, Heap overflow, Format string attack and SQL injection.

Tips and Comments

There are different situations of networks; that’s why the security management is different for all types of networks. Basic security is required for small and home offices. For example basic antivirus system is required for window users, a basic firewall system, using robust password for wireless system, to keep track of home network use MAC addresses, disabling ICMP ping for the routers, using passwords for all types of accounts, creating awareness of security to the children also. High maintenance is required for large businesses. For medium business; you should use fairly strong firewalls, strong passwords which you should change after a week or month regularly, strong antivirus software, using robust passwords for your wireless connections and disabling the messenger. For large businesses you should use strong firewalls and proxies, strong antivirus packages, strong passwords for the accounts, strong robust passwords for the wireless connections, implementing physical security management and for fire sensitive areas use fire extinguishers.

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