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Network computers are very important in our lives. Having a network computer will allow you to share information with other computers that are in your network. Information is everything and it is up to us to access this information. A computer that has no internet access is pretty useless nowadays and network computers that have internet access are necessary for our lifestyle.
Network computers can allow us to access the internet and we can use the internet for everything including shopping, paying bills or just entertainment.


Before network computers sharing information was difficult so people developed a method for computers to communicate with each other. The internet is basically a large network. The internet is a web of network computers that communicate between them. When the internet started there were just a few network computers that communicated between them using a common language that was developed by scientist and is now knows as HTML.
Network computers are very important for companies. Many companies are employing people that know how to use computers. Network computers are used in companies to ease the workload for employees. Some companies have software that allows all their workers to work at the same time thanks to network computers.
Network computers can share files between them but they can also share the same printer. Having a single printer for more than one computer can be very helpful because all the users of the network can print their projects at the same time without having to personally go the printer and put the file on a USB stick or a CD/DVD.
Printer sharing is a very important feature of network computers. Other devices, like scanners, can also be shared by using the network.


Network computers can also be very fun and entertaining. Young people like to throw LAN parties, which are a lot of fun, and play games against each other. Games are very entertaining and people really like to play games in multiplayer. This cannot be achieved without having network computers. When people are playing games they connect better with each other and so network computers can help you make friends.
Computers are a part of society and any method that can bring people closer is good, maybe this is the reason that social website have such great success. Making your computer part of a network is very important and you can do this very easy.
If you have a computer that is not connected to a network and you wish to have internet access on this computer all you need to do is go to the local IT shop and get yourself a router and some network cables. Now you can connect the router to the internet by using the WAN port on the router. Connect the internet cable into the WAN port and your router will now access the internet. Connect your computer in any of the LAN ports of the router to enable your computer to access the local network. Network computers are very important for our lives.

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