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Where To Find Routers For Networking


Routers are networking devices that are installed between networks so that devices such as computers, laptops, e-readers, printers, scanners and printers can communicate to each other and send data packets. Networking routers perform the function of controlling and directing internet traffic. It is an overlay of networks that sends packets of data from one network to another till the end user gets it.


The first networking routers were built in 1972 and they had the same functions as present day devices. They were called Interface Message Processors. Back then, the term ‘gateways’ was used instead of routers. However, the first real router came in existence in 1974 when Virginia Stratizer developed the device. Soon, other IP Protocol Routers were made notably from researchers at MIT and Stanford in 1974.


Networking routers can be bought from any electronics and computer shops. Department stores that have an electronics section also sell routers. Apart from the traditional method of buying networking routers, you can also order them online from the same sellers which sell them in physical locations. These shops usually have online stores for the convenience of customers. There are also exclusive shops online selling networking routers such as NewEgg, CDW, and B&H Photo Video-Audio. The prices depend on the brand, capability, and features of the networking routers, but a simple Netgear Wireless Dual Router can cost $58 while a more sophisticated one such as CISCO systems designed for small businesses can cost up to $238.

Buying networking routers is not the bigger issue here, but knowing what type of networking devices to purchase. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when purchasing networking routers. One is to determine your needs and the scale of your operations. If you are just using one laptop for your computing needs, then a single-band router is an ideal choice. However, when there are more users and devices or if you are going to install a home-based networking system, you might want to consider dual bands networking routers to cope with heavy packet data needs such as video streaming.

Another thing to consider is the bandwidth of networking routers. Granted that the speed of your internet is still determined by your ISP and depends on the data plan you purchased, bandwidths can help internal networks cope with loading multimedia pages, videos and movie clips faster.

You have also to consider the ease of setting up networking routers as having one that you cannot get to work is frustrating. Troubleshooting connections in networking routers is also a skill that you need to learn for simple fixes to connectivity problems. In addition, think about the type and purpose of your networking routers if you prefer a wireless or a wired one. When you are the only one using a computer, a wired router is a good solution especially if you have a desk top. Lastly, think about warranties when purchasing networking routers in cases where there are malfunctions or you cannot get them to work properly.


Tips and comments

Often, we encounter low speed connections on the internet that have nothing to do with the ISP. Check if there are interferences in your network such as radios, baby monitors, and kitchen devices that hinder transmission of data packets to your wireless computers. Often, a simple reboot of your networking routers solves the problem. Another troubleshooting tip is to change the frequencies of your internet on your networking routers. Your ISP will guide you how to do this online once they determine that the slow connection is not from their side.

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