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How To Check Your Network Services


Having network issues lately? It is important to check your network services; this will enable you to continuously access the network you are currently engaged to. The re are several reasons why you should check your network services, one reason being incase your network has been experiencing delays or loss of packets it is important to check whether the router connection is ok. Also if there has been disconnection of network service it is important to do an ovewhole check up. This include; the cabling if you are using wired network, check on the network devices like the router, switches,. Some of the network defects are as a result of malfunctioning of network devices. However to receive constant network services. You should ensure your network devices are working efficiently before you visit your service provider in case there is an extreme problem.

Some of the steps you take in checking the network services availability include:

Step 1

Step 1. Ensure that all the power plugs are checked. This ensures constant power supply to the router and other network services devices using the power. Ensure that the router indicators are on when you plug into the power.

Step 2

Step. 2 ensure that the cables are correctly plugged into your modem and the router. This is especially when you are using Ethernet. Make sure the cables are precisely and properly on their rightful position. Also make sure any other equipment which is used for the network connection is securely plugged into the TiVo box. This includes the wireless adapter and other devices. Checking all this devices will enable you to receive adequate network services.

Step 3

approximately 30 to 60 seconds. Now this is the time where you need to test the network connection. Use the PC or a laptop you are currently having to test whether there is network connection flowing. It will be able to tell you whether you have done the right connection physically which includes the plugging of cables correctly and powering on of the network devices as well.

In case you are unable to access to the internet after doing everything possible and correctly, you may need to contact the network service provider incase your connection has been disabled. The ISP will be able to assist you to ensure you enjoy the network services they offer.

Step 4

Step. 4. However you may need as well to give a trial to your TiVo box for network connection. You navigate through the test connection menu and follow some steps which you are given, this steps are as follows; incase you are using

Premiere: do this, from the TiVo central >messages and settings>settings>Network &phone>view network Diagnostics>Test Connection

With TiVo HD> settings and messages>settings>Network>TiVo service connection

Using series2: TiVo>messages and settings>Network>test TiVo connection

In case there is an error alert fro the TiVo box check.

Step 5

Step. 5. The wireless adapter should be checked. It will as well show you the strength of the signal. Incase it registers 80% signal strength, you may need to reduce the wireless router and adapter distance. Furthermore ensure that the antennas are optimally extended. Phones, microwaves are some of the devices which may cause interference. This may need relocation in order to receive network services. Incase your wireless connection fails try the wired connection.


For maximum network services reception ensure that you heed to the advice from experts and do no hesitate to contact the ISP for any technicality.

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