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Whenever we talk about communicating with people then there raises a work network without which communicating is impossible. In the computer networking system, there is network access control which is nothing but a simple approach to the network security that helps to unify the security technology which are host intrusion, antivirus and vulnerability assessment. This basically uses a lot of protocols that is used to define and implement some policy which describes about how to secure the network access.

Network access basically tells us about when the computer is connected with other network then the computer is not allowed to access anything unless and until it approves the business policy of the network. Any uses of IOS can portable access his shared files from anywhere in the world if shared on INTERNET. The advantage of these techniques is that they can be a reliable form of memory management. The prerequisites are a server or cloud based service provider and a client as well as an IOS device and a computer used for hosting the files.

Basic goals and objectives

The basic goals of network access are that they represent different categories of secure products and the definition that is both controversial and evolving. This helps to mitigate the non-zero day attacks, enforcement of policy and accessing and identifying the management. This is today’s world that provides a solution that has the ability to prevent the lack of antivirus and also keep the information and files secure. This allows the network operators to define some policies that the role of users handles the computers which have the basic role in network access. So basically its aim is to control the network with the policies and check the security analysis of the network so that no one can dare to hack into it.

Process of download and configure

The file server after downloading must be properly configured. The user must know some of the technicalities of networking to do it properly. Every file server uses a protocol called FTP or the file transfer protocol. The FTP server or the file server must be configured by specifying a user and a password for that user. There is a field to add devices into the file browser. These devices are the servers where the actual files are stored. The IP or a specified path must be inputted into the field. The IP is one the important aspect to access network files.

Issues that need to be solved

There are a variety of compatibility issues which come with the installation of file servers and clients on the devices used. The file transfer or remote access programs can be exploited by any user so that they can get their files anywhere they want. There are various kinds of security problems which arise with the growth of this technology so the administrator of the server must have proper knowledge of the protocols used in these transfers. The file server must be properly configured. In order to do that a specific file browser must be downloaded first. There are many file server applications which are present on INTERNET. Anyone can get these and download them to get them installed on the host computer.

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