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How To Repair a Wireless Network Adapter

Published at 03/27/2012 08:35:16


The strength and reliability of a wireless signal depends on the functionality of your wireless network adapter. The most common problem that can be encountered is when the local and wireless network does not work properly, and this way you are unable to connect to Internet, or the computers and other devices are not recognized by the network.

If this is the cause, you will not be able to connect your computer to the network, to share pictures, documents, videos stored on other PC’s, to play with your family multi-user computer games, and when the computer is connected to the internet, the connection is very slow and can drop often. You do not need many technological skills to repair a wireless network adapter, as the instructions presented below can help you to fix the problem.

Step 1

Reset the wireless network adapter

The first thing recommended to be performed when the wireless network is not working properly, is to reset the wireless network adapter. This procedure works for most of the cases when you have a slow connection speed, and when the connection to internet drops often. You can reset the wireless network adapter by changing the settings available in the Control Panel. Click on the “View Network Connections” and in the new opened window you have to right-click on the wireless adapter icon, and to select from the list the “disable” button.

Step 2

Check the computer’s software

If the reset did not help for repairing the wireless network adapter, the next thing to do is to check the software installed on the computer. Most of the systems are comparing the known issues against the current software setting of the system, to detect the problem and assist you with a good solution.

Step 3

Check the network settings

On internet there are many programs that can assist you for checking the network settings and repairing the wireless network adapter. With a single click, these programs can perform an automatic search of the most recent drivers. In few minutes time you can have the drivers you need for optimizing the functionality of the wireless network adapter.

Step 4

Download and install network drivers

After you have identified the missing or the outdated drivers, download and install them on your computer. This operation is fast and can be performed with success following the available instructions. You are now one step closer to repair your wireless network adapter.

Step 5

Repair the wireless connection

The latest Windows versions are coming with the capability of repairing the wireless connections. When this option is selected, it will disable and re-enable the wireless settings, allowing you to clear the errors and to retrieve the new settings. This repair capability can be accessed if you double click on the wireless connection icon available in the system tray, and if you click on the Support tab. After this is done, your wireless network adapter problem should be fixed, and you can start again to enjoy the benefits of the wireless connection.


One of the reasons that can lead to a problem of the network is when the network drivers are outdated.



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