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How To Repair Network Ethernet Cables


Network Ethernet cables are also called networking cable. They are used to network different computers. Networking helps an administrator to control networked computers simultaneously and also to mange them. Data can also be shared from one computer to another with the help of these network Ethernet cables. These wires are mostly used in different offices and companies where a single computer or multi computer works as an administrator and several other computers are attached to it. It is an easy process to control multi computer from a single computer. Network Ethernet cables are the veins and arteries of the internet.

Step 1

Usually a cable network is supposed to be the best and most reliable option from different other options to set a networking infrastructure. This is because it gives the top speed, less prompts and also reduces many other problems. Trouble shooting also reduces to some extent.

Step 2

Setting a networking infrastructure with the help of Network Ethernet cables have become a trend now. These cables are seen in every office and even in different houses. Normally Network Ethernet cables are used at home to share the internet and also for multi gaming purposes between two to more computers. Normally these types of Network Ethernet cables are not under ground means they are visible and can be touched any time.

Step 3

So any kind of physical trouble with these cables is natural. Network Ethernet cables can get warped sometimes, they can be caught in doors and their clips can also be broken somehow. After this they became unreliable and useless also. If these conditions happened to you like your Network Ethernet cables got damage, there is no need to worry as they can be easily repaired but if you have some knowledge and know how about it.

Step 4

You can simply go to any computer shop to resolve your problem. If you want to do this by your own, you can search out from different websites writing how to repair Network Ethernet cables? You will get massive detailed information about it and practical videos also at YouTube.

Step 5

This will help you a lot to repair Network Ethernet cables at home. You can fix Network Ethernet cables easily but you will need an RJ45 crimper and a RH45 jack. Now what you have to do is to see the working side like which side is to be connected with the computer.


By searching from internet you will also get the information about the wire colors and their pattern to set also. Now after the decision of rite side and also the color sequence it’s the time to gather the wires of Ethernet cable into jack. Press the jack with the crimper for a while. You are now ready to use the Ethernet cable. Network Ethernet cables can easily be repaired so you don’t need to buy a new one.


If the wire is broken form the centre, you can cut the extra length of the wire and again fix the jack with it. These wires are normally durable and work properly also in open air environment.

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