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The Advantages Of Desktop Networking


In many offices and homes you may find that there are many computers and this is the reason they may require desktop networking. You can easily do this if you have the right desktop networking equipment. In many cases today, you may be needing some network for your computers so networking is very important. The process is not very easy and it is not expensive either.


Desktop networking needs the following items to complete the process effectively and more easily. You need a router .the router should be mostly wireless. You also need both WAN and also LAN cables to complete the process.
Desktop networking is somehow advantageous but it comes with its own risks. There can be some risks which will make your desktop networking unsecure sometimes. When creating desktop networking you are in a position of sharing files among different users. You can also access internet at the same time when using desktop networking. All the users are able to use their own computers while t is easy to view other users files when desktop networking. This is a way of managing time and avoid wasting energy in burning information for other users. All the users are able to get the files they want and transfer them to their machines with much ease when desktop networking.


Desktop networking also allows your family members get music from one computer to the other; you don’t have to use a CD or a usb device to get the information to your computer. People are able to access your hard drive. Desktop networking will allow you to back up your computer files more easily. You can use it to back up your laptop files.
Another way useful in desktop networking is the freedom to share a printer among many users. If the office is big and you are not able purchase many printers, printing can be done from one printer machine. This will let your work be simpler by just doing a few things and allowing professional working. Desktop networking also allows printing at the same time, instead of waiting for every one to print after the other one.

Tips and comments

Desktop networking is financially budgetable. You cannot spend a lot of money on the scanner and printer. Doing networking will help you make your cyber café business also profitable. You can access internet from one place and serve more than 100 users. Desktop networking will also allow you monitor the activities of every user. You are able to see the files which are being open by other users.

When doing desktop networking, you have to be very careful. In case a virus gets into the main computer, then it will spread through out to all the other devices. The devices will be infected and therefore cause security issues on the devices. Desktop networking should therefore be enforced by strong protection from good antiviruses.Make sure that your antivirus is working well and that it is not outdated. You can purchase good antivirus online at cheap rates. An antivirus will keep your devices very safe.

One disadvantage of desktop networking is that it is not easy to determine who can use your files in the wrong manner. For instance in the office, secret information can be leaked out.


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