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How To Connect a 3 Mobile Network


3 mobile network was launched on the 3rd of March in the year 2003 in United Kingdom and the launch date was marked as 3/3/3 marl of the service. The main aim of the network was on the 3G technology and holds a record of releasing one of the fastest rollouts in 3G technology in the history of UK. The organization gave live appearance in September 2008 with the famous technology of HSDPA and presently is the highest n3G network coverage in the entire UK.

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The offerings of the 3 mobile network have both contract services and PAYG and are also operating through retail shops named as 3Store since the year of its launch. The owner of 3 mobile network, Hutchison Whampoa, who was also the former owner of Orange mobile network company, which was also a great success in the telecommunication industry. Presently the 3 mobile service is operating with more than 3.5 million users as its customer base.

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How to Connect To 3 Mobile Network
Getting connected to the 3 mobile network is a very simple process and the steps are mentioned as follows:

Step 3

• Visit the official website of 3 mobile network and on the home screen you will see the option of getting registered if you are a new member in the community, or log into your existing account if you already have one. In case you are registering for an account, you have to fill in an online registration form in which you have to enter in your mobile number that requires to be connected to the network service.

Step 4

• After getting registered or logging into your account, there will be mentioned various services that are being offered and you have to select from one of those services that you want on your mobile network.
• There are several caps as well as plans which affect the pricing of your 3 mobile network and you have to select one from these so as to get your connection activated.

Step 5

There are several other features in the mobile network and one highlighting feature is to gain access to the web world through your mobile. This feature has been named as Planet 3 and has all the ways through which you can surf on your favorite websites, watch movies, listening music, and play games along with the facility of using your email account via your 3 mobile network connection. You can also sign up for receiving updates and there are also several promotional campaigns that are being offered through, which all these and many other services are offered at a very low-cost or sometimes free of cost.


The 3 mobile network recharging factor has also been made very easy for the users and there are basically two options through which the mobile service can be recharged. The first way is to get your mobile recharged through your credit card in which the payment amount is directly deducted from the account.

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The next way is that of an auto-recharge in which the user selects a level of balance or a certain date after, which the account is recharged automatically. Another way can be to get a voucher recharge which can be easily obtained from the outlets of 3 mobile network service provider.

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