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How To Use Network Tools

Published at 03/26/2012 22:07:59


The Network tools are software and hardware components that are used by the IT managers and specialists to analyze the network protocol, allowing to monitor and to analyze the network traffic. The Network tools are more like a suite of programs allowing the company managers to determine the effectiveness of the employees, and to make sure that all the tasks are accomplished.

Step 1

The Network tools can be used for any operating system, but the networks based on Unix, Linux and Windows are most suited for the system. you will be able to determine and detect the security problems appeared with your network, and to issue security protocols that must be respected by all the network users. this system also allows the IT engineers to offer solutions to repair the specific problems of the network.

Step 2

The Windows Network tools must work on 32 and 64-bit platforms, and they should also be available for Windows 7. the newest versions of the program are available for download on the internet, under the base of a security key that you need to purchase from the developers of the program.

Step 3

The Network tools are also used to diagnose the problems in the network, allowing the IT administrators to eliminate the problems. the majority of problems appeared in the network from this point of view are security problems that could ease the work of a potential hacker. From this point of view, the IT engineers must protect the network from external attacks, but also from security breaches initiated by the employees of the company.

Step 4

The Network tools are installed on a mother host first, and in the case problems are found, the program will suggest potential methods to solve the problem. The instrument collects information about the IPSec policy, comparing the obtained details with the logs, trying to detect and to solve the problem automatically.

Step 5

The Network tools have to check all the details of the system, including the VPN servers, the connections and the NAP points. As for the wireless networks, they are useful, but also vulnerable, and this is why they will have to be carefully analyzed by the system.


The interface of the system must be user friendly. For example, Autoruns is an instrument that allows the network administrators to determine what instruments are started when the system initializes. Moreover, you will also need the BG Info program that runs in background, including important details about the system, including the IP addresses, the name of the computers, the network state and other details of this kind.

Sources and Citations

The IT engineers must also report to the managers any suspicious activity in the network. In other words, the Network tools are used by the IT specialists to monitor all the activity in the network, to determine what files and directories are accessed by the employees. however, be careful about using this instrument, as it might create delicate legal problems. No matter if you are using the system of tools to protect your network, obtaining personal details and reading private mails of your employees might create delicate legal matters about privacy.