How To Replace a Network Camera
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How To Replace a Network Camera

Published at 03/27/2012 08:45:59


How To Replace a Network Camera

A network camera is used to capture the images and send it over the network in a compressed fashion. It is also known as IP camera. Network camera is a wireless camera in which the records are saved in the remote server, which protects it from all kind of tampering or damage. It is mainly used for surveillance purpose but is also look after the protection of the home and the loved ones. A network camera is capable of taking high-definition videos. This camera differs from any other camera because a person with an internet connection can get live feeds of what is happening around the place. A network camera is used in many places such as offices, warehouse, home, Public Park, engine rooms etc. Below we are going to discuss about the things to look for before replacing a network camera in 5 simple steps.

Step 1

Fixed network camera has a static view after it is placed in the proper place. Many cameras use this mechanism for capturing videos and photos. It must be placed in such a manner that the whole view of the room or the place you want to monitor. It can be perfect replacement for a network camera as it is less costly and is suitable for a static view. The main disadvantage of this network camera is that it is very visible and doesn’t have much functionality.

Step 2

Fixed Dome network camera is another kind of fixed network camera but it is very hideous and doesn’t mess the design of the room. It also has a static view and is tampered proof. Fixed camera comes with an exchangeable lens whereas this camera doesn’t come with exchangeable lens. Compensation is done with the varifocal lens, which is used to adjust the view of the camera. Generally, it is fitted on the ceiling or on the wall.

Step 3

Mechanical PTZ camera is another good alternative. Usually, it is used in the indoor condition, which is manually operated by an operator. The optical zoom range between 10x to 26x zoom. As this camera is employed by an operator it has its additional cost, but it is quiet feasible.

Step 4

Non-Mechanical PTZ camera is another good example of network camera and as the name suggests it is non-mechanical (operator not used). It offers wide range of functionalities such as zooming capability, static parts, and protection from wear and tear. Another advantage of this camera is its wide range of angles covered by it which is far better than the mechanical camera. The zooming capability doesn’t loose the image resolution which is very necessary. It is mounted on the walls as well as on the ceiling.

Step 5

A network camera must have on of the following day and night capability. Few cameras are only meant for day and few for nights. Camera which is used in day and night is also available but is costly. When the security requirement is very high this type of camera is used.


Day and night camera is costly because of its unique functionality.

Additional Tips

During the day, when the light is appropriate it captures images very easily and during nights when the light is not present, its lens adjust itself so that it can capture images during night.