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How To Network With 2 Computers

Published at 03/28/2012 18:37:10


With the advancement of the computer technology today you can actually do anything with a computer from setting up a local network to over 20 and above computers. This enables you to communicate with the computers and access the documents freely. To network 2 computers is not as easy as it may seem since it requires someone who is familiar with a computer to easily go about it. You also need to buy some connection cables to enable this to work and other things like operational CD drivers for the devices. If you are not familiar with computers or you have been using them the following steps will guide you on how to network 2 computers.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do to network 2 computers is to get the two computers available at the place you wish to undertake the activity. You can get computers at stalls, vendors, auctioneers and also in the computer companies. When you purchase the computers you need to set them up and place them in close proximity. You need to also buy the crossover cable and place the computers closer than the length of the crossover cable. When you have all the needed equipment you are now ready to proceed to the next step.

Step 2

The next thing you need to do to network 2 computers is to locate a network port for both the computers. This is a port that is usually in computers and used to insert network cables so that the computer is accessible via a local network setup. They are usually behind the CPU on the left or the right side. As you do this you need to have with you the manual of the two computers and a manual that will guide you on how to network 2 computers.

Step 3

When you locate the network ports of the two computers you need to connect the crossover cable into the network port for each computer. You need to make sure you insert them carefully and in the correct way as you are instructed at the manual to avoid damage. These cables are very sensitive and a little mistake will just damage it and you will have to buy a new one. When they are all intact you are now allowed to turn on the two computers.

Step 4

When the computers are on you need to enable network sharing for one computer. You might read the manual for the instructions on how to go about to network 2 computers. When you enable the first computer it will display a new window with the current network configuration for the local network named ‘unidentified network’. This tells you that the first computer has identified the second one and that the cable is functioning well.

Step 5

You will now be on your last step to network 2 computers. You need to double click on the icon labeled ‘unidentified network’. You will see a display of a dialog box saying ‘network discovery and file sharing’ click ‘NO’ to make the network a private one. You will now turn on network discovery for all public network and you second computer will be visible in the network configuration and you will have succeeded to network 2 computers.


With the steps above you will not go wrong to network 2 computers and you will find it very easy to do it over again.

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