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A network appliance refers to a rather inexpensive personal computer which is able to perform many, but not all the functions of a regular PC. A network appliance is also sometimes referred to as a ‘thin client’. It enables internet access and most of the business related activities, but lacks some of the functions of an ordinary personal computer. These include a hard drive or a CD ROM. This means that the network appliances provide most of the functions of a personal computer, without having a hard drive installed in them. A Net App, short for Network Appliance, is generally a device with many uses. It is a device that can be both a server and a router or switch at the same time.


An appliance is a device which is not used for general purposes, for example, a microwave or a dishwasher. Whereas, a network appliance is a device offers one or more connectivity options. Examples include an iPad, a WD live TV, commercial 1U apps, etc. The applications supported on a network appliance are typically facilitated by a web server, which is accessed by the network appliance. Network appliances provide a helping hand by easing remote management. One can access their email and messages, be connected to others and manage remote affairs sitting in their chair. Moreover, network appliances are also known to cut costs. One can forego the expense of buying a personal computer, while getting its functions out of the network appliance at a much lesser cost.


NetApp, formerly known as Network Appliance, is a company that performs network storage and data management tasks. NetApp’s corporate headquarters are in Sunnyvale, CA. NetApp was founded by David Hitz, James Lau and Micheal Malcolm in 1992. These three founders received a capital funding in 1994 and had their initial public offering in 1995. NetApp has been honored as a top company to work for in various rankings. The company has remained very committed throughout its life. The guiding principles of Network Appliance include trust, integrity and leadership. For those looking for highly paid jobs, Network Appliance also offers an extremely significant base salary. The benefits of working with Network Appliance are also very comprehensive. They include adoption assistance, stock grants to employees, paid volunteer time off, enhanced benefits for autism and reimbursement for using mass transit. The benefits also include many standard offerings. Network Appliance is one of the leading providers of content delivery systems and network file storage. In 1992, it pioneered the NAS (Network Attached Storage device as an extension of the NetApp trend toward single function products.

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Network Appliance is a universal leader in today‘s unified storage solutions and modern data intensive enterprise. Since its birth in 1992, Network Appliance has delivered to the world a great deal of technology, product and innovation. It is known to have driven the ‘Evolution of Storage’ in the modern world in its own way. It therefore introduced to the world some technology in its newest form and with its innovative ideas.

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