How To Setup a Network Using a Usb
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How To Setup a Network Using a Usb

Published at 03/29/2012 01:01:15


How To Setup a Network Using a Usb

USB port is an easy way of connecting a computer which has no network adapter to a local network. Whereas, in reality there is no fully compliant usb network system. We have another option to convert your computer's usb network ports to wireless adapters for Ethernet wired adapters by using adapters. You can get this usb network from major electronics stores and buy in the range of $25 and $40. The price of adaptor also depends on the brand you are buying.

Step 1

There are many other small packages in which you can get an usb network flash drive. It is difficult to find that usb network has more uses. One of its uses is to transfer data from one place to another. Think that usb network can also be used and work as an MP3 player as well as to help you to lock your computer, or connect to wireless usb network.

Step 2

If you compare wireless with wired network then wireless is a very good option which facilitates you to get freedom and to take your computer in any room or to walk around with a laptop and use the internet, only thing is the required hardware which is expensive to buy.

Step 3

If you want to make a set up on a wireless, you will need a wireless router and a USB wireless adapter for each computer on the usb network.

Step 4

To make a wired network, you will have to buy a traditional wired router, an Ethernet USB adapter for each computer you have to connect, and bundles of networking cables to connect all computers into the router.

Step 5

Connect an usb network adapter with all computers one by one, then to organize the device install the software in CD-ROM. Open the router and connect it, making it sure that the lights of the router which are on the front of it are brighten. For wireless usb network hardware setup is completed. If the network is only wired then you will need a networking cable from each of the USB adapters to one of the empty ports on the back of the router.


How To Setup a Network Using a Usb

To organize the software, install the setup of usb network. Click "Start," then "Control Panel," then "Network Setup Wizard" and follow the instructions given on the screen. The wizard will then ask you to restart all computers after the completion of setup. Once they finish rebooting, the network installation is finished.

Tips & Warnings

If you have buy your usb network adapter used or has not come up with a disk, you can then download the exact files for installation from the website. Always protect your wireless usb network to keep your personal data safe.
If you are going somewhere usb network flash drive will help you containing all the big information’s you need, in your hand. There are many more uses of it from which you can get benefit. The usb network is a special and attractive network for those who travel around and always need the access of this usb network.