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How To Build a System Network

Published at 04/04/2012 01:41:16


A network permits users of multiple computers to send folders or files to one another, share an internet connection and even print from a single printer. Earlier, the task of setting up a network system used to be very challenging, but thanks to modern Operating Systems, this task has been simplified tremendously. Setting up a network system is so simple and easy that even a novice user can do it because the process of software configuration does not have to be done manually.

 If you want to create your own network system then you just have to follow the following five easy steps:

Step 1

Step 1: Locate your router in a central location and have it plugged into a wall before turning on its power switch. If you are interested in sharing a high speed internet connection for your network system then connect the Ethernet cord of the modem into the Internet port of your router. This port is located at the back and it is usually labeled ‘WAN’, ‘Internet’ or even ‘WWW’.

Step 2

Step 2: Next, insert Ethernet cables into the networking jacks of all the computers in your proposed network system. Ensure that these cables are out of the path so that it would not trip people. The other ends of these Ethernet cables connected to the computers should be connected back to the router. Once connected, the lights situated in front of the router should glow.

Step 3

Step 3: Now turn on all the computers of your network system and run the network configuration program of the Operating System. If you are using Macintosh systems then these would perform the configuration of the network automatically. If you are using Windows Vista then click on ‘Set up a connection or network’ option located in ‘Network Sharing Center’ menu option. For Windows XP users, go to the ‘Network Setup Wizard’. This item is found in Control Panel.

Step 4

Step 4: Simply walk through all the steps in the installation wizard in order to create your own customized network system. You will be required to answer a lot of easy questions related to your computers and the network. You will also be required to specify the kind of internet connection that you are using for your network. If it is a high speed internet connection then you need to be clear about whether it is cable or DSL.

Step 5

Step 5: This is an optional step and it is required by only those who want to use a printer in the network system. At the end of the installation wizard, you would be asked whether you want to enable file and printer sharing. You should select yes so that the shared document folders as well as the printer or printers in the network would be accessible to each and every computer in your network.


When it comes to building a network system, you will have to use something that can act as a switching station for directing signals to and from the appropriate systems. A router is the best option for this because it boasts of advanced features and it is more stable in comparison to a switch or a hub.