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About the Tv Dish Network


TV Dish Network is a network which uses dish Network Corporation which is a satellite broadcaster and the second largest one in the United States. It provides direct broadcast satellite services which includes the satellite television, interactive television services and audio programming. This service is given to the14.337 million customers, which are both commercial as well as residential in United States. The employee in TV Dish Network are approximately 24,500.


The operations of TV Dish Network began from March 1996. it was started as a service of echo star. Its chairman and the chief executive officer started the echo star in 1980. Their colleagues were also included like Candy Ergen and Jim Defranco. With the federal communication commission, the echo star applied for the direct broadcast satellite broadcast license in 1987. The first satellite of echo star was launched in December 28, 1995. The home satellite TV service was represented by this satellite. The company made its first broadcast to the clients and the customers in March, 1996. The broadcasting assets of a satellite broadcasting joint venture were purchased by Echo star. EchoStar obtained 28 of the 32 transponder licenses with this purchase. The company was inspired by the acquisition and introduced a multi satellite system which was also called as Dish 500. It was theoretically capable of accepting 500 channels and more than that on one dish.


The industry’s first high definition television tuner was released by the company in January 1999. The company launched Echostar IX, in August 2003. It was the first satellite all over the United States of America that was equipped with commercial Ka band payload for the services of broadband. It led the compnay to be one of the best satellite TV service in 2004, which was offering local channels to all states which were more than 50. The nation's first interactive TV multiple picture-in picture application was also introduced in the same year by this company. That was for the Olympic games which were used to offer the coverage from various channels at the same time. 10 millionth customers were acquired by this company in the same year.

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There are different types of satellite receiving equipment offered by TV Dish Network. It was for obtaining the signals from the fleet of diverse satellite. The consumer boxes of them were manufactured by Sanmina-SCI Corporation. There were also some earlier satellite dishes. The first satellite antenna of TV Dish Network was called a dish network. To obtain signals from the 119 W orbital location, the LNB was being used. It was just used like a second dish that was used to receive the high definition programming. Rainbow 1 was a satellite which was launched by Cablevision/ Rainbow DBS. It was used for the VOOM DBS services. It is currently used for the capabilities of spot beam.

In October, 2006, there was a court case on TV Dish Network. It was actually forced by the court to remove the channels which were out of the market distant bnetwork channels.

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