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6 Tips You Must Know About Networking Online


With millions of people using the Internet today, it has grown more increasingly popular in the last 15 years than ever. Even grandmas and grandpas have Internet access. Another very popular thing that has happened is more and more people have begun to shop online for everything from clothes, to toys, to flowers, to even grocery shopping. With more online shopping becoming popular more people than ever are creating online business as a stream of revenue.

To help the steam of income more people are also turning to networking online. Some of the best places to do this has been social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook recently. By networking online you are becoming "friends" with people who have businesses and can help get you extra business as well as get them business somehow as well.

Step 1

To start out networking online you must have a business started or at least in the works of being started. You should have a proposed business plan and know what type of business you are wanting to do. Some good example would be selling children's designer clothing, selling consignment, selling hairbows, selling jewelry or other ideas. Whatever idea that you have come up with make sure that you have researched your idea and took a look of how others are doing in the same types of business.


Step 2

Next is to join some networking online website such as social websites. Join websites like Twitter, Facebook, Etsy, and even MySpace. Once you have joined you should fill out all profile information that is possible.


Step 3

Join pages that have the same interest as you do, or add friends who you may even know personal who have the same types interest that you have. A lot of times by adding friends, you will meet many other friends, who then add you as a friend and so on. This is an excellent way to draw friends, likes and businesses to you.

Step 4

Take a few moments to look over your profile on networking online and make sure that everything is filled out correctly and have the correct security settings that you are wanting them to have. If you have a website even if it isn't finished make sure that you put this website listed on your social media pages as all to see.


Step 5

When networking online don't be afraid to host events. Think of it as a party at your house with no mess to have to clean up and no drunk people to have to worry about afterwards. When asking for friend request or request to join groups don't be pushy or keep requesting friendship or likes. If the person has denied you once wait a while and try again. A lot of times people who are networking online are hesitant to add someone who is new to the social media website in fear for it being a stranger or odd person. Be prepared that eventually you may have a face to face meeting so always be honest and never risk your reputation even if it is online.



Tips and Comments

Never meet a strange person alone or in a secluded area when networking online. Some people may not have the best interest in mind like you do so always proceed with caution.


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