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How To Network Computers To the Internet


To network the computer to the internet we first need to know the type of connection. This will help you choose the type of connection that will suit you better. There are four main ways of connecting to the Internet.

Step 1

Permalink (permanent connection):

It is used by large organizations like universities, schools or corporations to network the computer to the internet. The costs for installation and operation of such dedicated links are thousand dollars.

Step 2

Direct connection with modem (direct dial-in connection):
This type of connection is the best after the permanent connection. To network the device that you have with this connection will cost you approx. $ 50. It is used most by small companies. Being a service "dial-in", you need a modem and you have to dial a phone number that your service provider will show you.

Step 3

Modem and terminal connection (dial-up terminal connection):
This kind of connection lets you network the gadget or computer via modem service provider and, after establishing the connection, your device acts as a terminal. Modem is a combination of the words "modular" and "demodulated". They are made of modem operations on digital signals coming from your computer when you convert them into analog signals used by most telephone networks and back to digital signals used by computers.

Step 4

Contact by email:
This type of link allows transmission / reception of e-mail on the Internet. To network the computer there are two things needed; an ISP and a way to connect to this provider. The most common way to get connected is using a modem connected to a telephone line or to have direct access to the Internet.
The best way to network the device to the Internet is the system OPM; Other People's Money Many users connect to Internet through an organization that has a connection to the Internet.

Step 5

The most common method to network the computer to Internet is using a modem connected to a phone line. The modem (Modulator/Demodulator) is needed to convert digital computer signals into analog signals to be transmitted over a regular telephone line, and backward. The modems are available in external version and internal version. The external modems have their own housing, power supply and connect thru a separate serial cable. Internal modems connect to a slot in the computer and the modem uses the computer source. What modem you pick depends on your personal taste because their performances are the same.


Equipment needed to network the computer to the Internet:
To make an Internet connection you need the following items; a computer, a modem, a communication program, an Internet account, contact name, a password, and a payment instrument. Computer, which is connected to the Internet must not to be very efficient, being sufficient any system that can run the communication program and can connect to a modem. Modem is the one that converts digital signals provided by the computer into analog signals that can be transmitted on the line and the receiver provides the demodulation signal.

Some More Tips

Communication program provides the use of modem for a phone call using a remote computer. The most common communication programs include; Blast Pro, Procom Plus, telix, Microsoft Network. Internet account: depending on the type of connection can be an account by phone or a dedicated account. The by phone account is used to call a computer located in the premises of a distributor to access Internet services.

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