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How To Set Up a Storage Network


What a storage network drive can do for you?

  •  Archive Important Files

Backup programs like Memo Auto Backup (included with buffalo link station live) often come along with Network drives, or an internal proprietary backup system such as the net gear.

  • Access Your Files Remotely

If you setup your router to UPnP access which can be done by just clicking a checkbox in the router configuration screen and use the Web Access feature to enter your drive. In some cases by doing so you can access your files over the internet.



Step 1

  • Share Files with Other Users

Storage network allows you to share your files over the network. If you have a large file and you have saved it to the storage network the other user can easily access it without copying it.

Step 2

  • Print over a Network

The new storage network devices provide USB ports to the user to connect their printers. Only if the printer supports to be networked, a printer with networking facility is most common from Canon, Epson and HP model. When you add a printer, search for a network printer and then add the driver.

Step 3

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Connect the Drive

Connect the Ethernet cable to a port on your wireless router, then to your storage network device. Attach the power cable and plug it. Power on your storage network drive. You can now access it wirelessly via your laptop through your router. In Windows Vista, go to Start, Network, and look for a drive that starts with "HS." Double-click the drive, create the folders you want, and start copying files.

Step 4

  • Map a Network Drive

Whenever you want to access the storage network device avoid going into the network list. Just right click on a folder located on your drive and select the option to map network drive. You can change several options as per your need. Click finish. Now you can find that drive whenever you save a file in the save as option, or double click the computer shortcut in windows vista or select my computer in windows XP.

Step 5

  • Configure the Drive

To open the full potential of your storage network device, you will want to access the advanced functions and the network printing along with remote access feature. For all this to be done run the installer from the CD given to you with the storage network device. Follow the instructions and install it. Now go to the setup menu and select browser management. Your browser will pop up. Enter the username as (“admin”) and the password (“password”) which are default and then click login. Now you can access the function given to you on the screen.


  •  Use Web Access

You can access your storage network remotely when you are out of your home. If your storage network is a bit old, then check your firmware for the latest updates. Click support, select your drive and download the firmware. Run the firmware installer program to load it onto the storage network drive.


Go to the browser management screen and click web access. Click service setup. Next to web access service. Click enable, next to your service provider’s name. Click apply. Now when you are away and want to access your storage network just open your service provider’s site and type your name drive, which you want to access it. To personalize your driver’s name, click basic, then browser management.

By John, published at 02/20/2012
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