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The Best 3 Network Devices


The Internet has become a necessity these days. No one can imagine a life without the Internet. The Internet connects the whole world in the form of a global village. A person or business not using the internet is considered as an obsolete and outdated and there is no guarantee of their success. Today, different types of devices are available for the Internet connection, depends upon the type of connection and its speed. However, the devices that we see at the front end like the USB dongle internet device are not the only players. These devices work with the help of other devices. The best 3 network devices are network switches, routers and hubs.


One of the mentioned 3 network devices is network switch. The network switch is used to connect different network segments. The network switch plays an integral part in most LANs. The LAN consists of different switches, used for connecting networking segments. The number of switches used in small LAN devices is less than the number of switches present in bigger LANs. At times single switch is enough for home or small office LAN. These switches work in every layer of the networking model. A switch that is used in more than one layer is called a multilayer switch.


The second mentioned device out of mentioned 3 network devices is a router. A router is a device that transmits the data packets between different computer networks. The router is connected to different lines of data network. When the data receive in the form of packet to any of the data lines, it reads the given address and sends it to its proper destination. The router serves as the traffic constable and directs the network traffic to its correct location. There is series of routers that works for sending data to its correct destination. The data travels through these routers and keeps travelling until it reaches to its destination. The examples of data that passes through these routers are emails, web pages and file transfer.


The third most important device of mentioned 3 network devices is a hub. This number 3 network device is like a small rectangular box that works on the power supply from the socket. The hub combines the 3 network devices and multiple computers to form one network segment. All the computers and devices, connected through hub, can directly communicate with each other. A hub consists of a number of ports for network cables. The number of ports varies with the size of the hub. The hub receives the data packet, transforms it into the desired form and then distributes it to all the devices present in the network. There are 3 network hubs; they are known as passive hubs, active hubs and intelligent hubs. Each of these hubs has different functions and features.The mentioned 3 network devices are commonly used for the networking purpose. No networking can take place if anyone of these devices is missing. Each of these devices has different functions that contribute towards the formation of a network segment.

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