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the Network Movie Review


The network movie was the big hit on the screen in 1976 that was based on reality of television screen. In film all time bests actor and actress were hired that time. It was produced to let the people know, about the reality about their life’s, which just had become under the control of tube. For tube that times he meant to say that the television is playing vital role in the people life’s and whatever they teach it they follow the same. The network, which was produced about 35 years ago, shows the real picture of today world. As anyone can easily judge the nature of people they run after money and the thing just like the television presents them o have in wearing, eating, gathering, and many other. One’s life is just according to the desired of television.


The story in the network movie is based on the new caster Howard Beale, who work as a host in the television night show in UBS (universal broadcasting system) and was famous among the people. Later when the rating for show started declining, the team decided to fire the Howard Beale. Somehow, Beale came to know it and on one of his show. He told to audience that he would commit a suicide. For this act, he was fired from the show. However, his best friend and director of news show asked for a dignified farewell for Howard Beale. In the network, it is further showed that instead of apologizing to the audience he start shooting and asking people to stand up and yell that “I am mad and do not want this anymore.”


The network has amazing combination of life story based on romance, friendship, bitter reality, and facts. After that Christensen approaches to Schumacher and ask him to help him in developing news show. They both have an affair whiles Schumacher left her wife, who loves her and served him for 25 years. At the end when Schumacher was about to end the show as Howard Beale to be an angry man. Christine went to Frank Hackett start a show, Christensen joined to her to develop the show, “The Howard Beal Show.” It was the top rating show and people loves watch it. ACC was taking the management of USB, and Hackett took the management and fired the Schumacher. Beale realized the realty of the network and television that was guiding madness and falseness to the audience. As the rating falls of the show in the movie the network, so did the life’s of those people who were engaged in the production of this show.


The network is the best movie ever realized as it shows the reality of money in life and about the television production house. People are engaged in producing the show, which is watched by maximum people, and have the high rating. No boy knows what audience wanted to see on the television and follows the ideas from the show blindly. This movie got 10 Academic Award Nomination and 4 Oscars for best screen play. It ranked 66 among the top 100 movies of American Film Institute’s.

By John, published at 02/24/2012
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