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How To Open a Network Hub


A network hub, also commonly known as a Ethernet hub, is device used for connecting multiple twisted pairs of fiber optic to a single mother device for optimum operation. When multiple Ethernet devices are connected together they can act as a single network segment, for topologies such as star, bus and ring networks. However, it is almost always brought into use by star networks. All large companies, schools, universities and even homes make use of this convenient, yet a bit hard to manage device. Once you get to learn the basic tactics, its easy to open the hub.

Step 1

These magnificent devices are a gift to the technology using mankind. Before their existence it became pretty hard to connect multiple devices to single computer systems, allowing the convenient and speedy transfer of data. Their creation came about recently, and too in accordance with the essential need. Many devices can operate at the same time when connected to a network hub, increasing the options for multi taking, as well as easier access to numerous services.

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A network hub does not examine any data packets that pass through it and all data received is broadcasted to the other ports connected. Packets collisions are more frequent is this hub device as compared to more complicated devices. Networks hubs are not intended to know data source or destination addressing, they simply receive data, regenerate the electric signal on the bit level, and broadcast these symbols to all other devices connected to the network.

Step 3

It is then the duty of those devices to interpret the information and decide whether it’s relevant, or else discarded. Appropriate devices connected to a network hub include printers, laptops and other computers as well.

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Switches are an alternative to network hubs, but are unpopular due to their hefty price. Hubs are usually slower when compared to a switch, because data is continuously being transmitted over the network and sent regardless of requirement. Their uses are refined to Local Area Networks (LANs), used by companies to connect a large amount of computers to central device, managing the broadcasting of valuable information and prevent intercepting when transmitted online. In order to network a group of computers together, optical or coaxial wires are to be purchased.

Step 5

It should be ensured that one end is connected to the empty ports in the network hub, and the other end is connected to a computer or printer’s network interface card (NIC). Most commonly, all computers accept Ethernet cables, classified as RJ-45 connectors, so for minimal confusion these should ideally be purchased.


In order to connect any number of computers together ample knowledge regarding computer systems is required. Companies focus on hiring technicians to carry out the entire process for them, with is reliable, since in cases of problems they can be solved efficiently. Inexperienced customers, and beginners, should do the same, observing the technician so the process can be repeated later on easily. Nowadays, however, network hubs come with an instruction manual containing guidelines on opening a hub. These instructions can be followed for maximum benefits as well.

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