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How To Speed Up Network Settings

Published at 02/27/2012 02:36:25


There have often been times when we are sitting at home or at office and get irritated by the the slow Internet service. Basically, it is not the Internet connection, the people have set up their computers and the network in such a way that it makes it much slower than it usually is. One possible way is when you set it up exactly the way ISP instructs. The quickest, cheapest and perhaps the most easiest way to drastically speed up network setting is to tweak the computers network setting and insert a hardware router. People who have done this have found great results and there Internet have speed up by making a simple change in their up network settings.

Step 1

The two most common things that slow down the speed of Internet In offices and home is the software and configurations. To avoid this one should never use the software CDs available on the market, you should never use the DSL/cable modem to proxy the domain name service. Furthermore everyone should avoid using the default setting for connectivity or to speed up, even if the system does not act as a proxy.

Step 2

The speed of the network simply does not depend on the speed of the hardware one is using. Windows is an operating system it will work on different hardware and the networks it is provided with. So depending on the type of the network connection one has you can tweak your connection so speed up network, another way is by changing the system registry.

Step 3

Then there is another thing this is called the speed connect Internet accelerator. It is designed to optimize up network settings and speed the the Internet and all the activities related to browsing, downloading, uploading, online games, streaming, sending and receiving emails etc. it provides with the fastest way to speed up the network connection.

Step 4

People who are using this are satisfied with the result as this also provides a manual access to all the setting. So now there is no need to waste time sitting in front of the computers and waiting for the page to load or wait for your favorite movie to stream.

Step 5

Most people have this perception that the speed of their Internet connection is all about how fast or speed up their modem works, but the speed connect is a program that adjust the setting of the computer, it works automatically to make your Internet work up to its best potentials. It also prevents fragmentation while data transfer and optimizes the IP settings for faster browsing


Speed connect is a software which calculates and safely changes the up network setting. It works in an effective way and finds the best setting for the connection. Well this is how you can speed up your network connection, the article explains the two simple ways but there are other ways too, but these are the safest and something what every other person can do. It is important to have a high Internet speed to have work effectively done.

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