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Advantages Of Using a Secure Network


A network is the connecting of computers with each other where all the computers in the network can share data with each other. But some people hack into the network through various bugs present in the network architecture and cause harm. That is why for every network you need excellent security features to protect it from damage from outside.

Any unknown person can use it for free while you are paying for it. they can easily download music and videos without you knowing it and if anyone does illegal activity through your network, then you are held responsible for it. People from outside your network can have access to your computer without having your permission, putting at risk all your company data and company secrets.

These are the reasons which tell us that we should use secure network. Basically, a secure network prevents unauthorized access or damage to our computer. As many data now a days is saved on computer and accessed through Internet network so it should be a priority of any business to make their network secure.


You can avoid from hackers or criminal attacks which would cause damage to your data. It will create a huge problem for you if anyone does illegal activities through your network and you will be responsible for that as network is yours. As your network is secure no one will be able to download any kind of music, movies or games. 

Technology is so vast so through network any kind of data from your computer or mail can be accessed. So by using secure network we only give privileges to them we want to so our information keep secure. Our personal information like any credit card number, mobile number, bank accounts can be saved and not misused by anyone if network is secured. 


Being a parent if you have a secure network then you restrict you children by wasting their too much time on internet while watching movies or playing games. In educational institutes many students waste their time on doing un-educational activities like these days everyone is addicted to Facebook so by having a secure network in you school, college, university or in any educational institute you will be able to restrict your students from such activities. 


One other advantage of having a secure network is that any intruder cannot send viruses or spams to your network which can damage your system or any other file or data. There is possibility that hooking can be done and your data will not stay in its original form so by keeping your network secure you ensures that your data is in original form on the network. It is the need of any business that much critical information should keep private from any competitor so we can get this by a secure network.

By having a secure system you can get relief from unwanted treats can affect performance of your system. If your network is secure then the performance will also effect and it will be excellent because if network is not secure then anyone who wants to use network will start using it and by this network gets slow and your work will be delayed due to these unwanted users.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 02/17/2012
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Advantages Of Using a Secure Network. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.