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How To Set Up a Network Home Office


When you have more than a single computer in your house and the only available printer is at your own computer to avoid moving from your computer when someone else needs to print you have to set up a network. When you want to build your own network a router is highly recommended. Using on your network a wireless router will ease your job and because you won’t have to pull cables all over your home. Having a home network will allow you to share your internet connection, printer and files between computers. Setting up a wireless network is probably the easiest way to share your internet connection in your house. That’s why you will need for your network a wireless router but you also have to make sure you have wireless adapters on the other computers. If you don’t have wireless adapters you can create a classic Ethernet network, because wireless routers also have LAN ports.

Step 1

To create a network a Wi-Fi router must be placed in a solid place, like a wall or on your furniture. The first thing you must do is place the router and plug in the A/C adapter to power it on. After you have plugged in the router you must connect the router to the internet. The router has a WAN slot in the back you will have to plug in there the internet cable.

Step 2

After the router has been connected to the internet you can start plugging in the other computers. It is a good idea to place your router near a computer that doesn’t have a wireless adapter. You can connect this computer through an Ethernet cable.

Step 3

Now you will have to enable the Wi-Fi from your router. The simplest way is to connect to your router from the already connected computer. Every router has a user interface that can be accessed with the help of a web browser. Open your browser and write on the URL bar your routers IP address, many routers will use or but to make sure you get it right the address is usually on the back of the router along with the username and password. The username and password are default so it is a good idea to change them after you logged in.

Step 4

After you connected to your router you can turn on the Wi-Fi and change the password. When you set up the Wi-Fi network a good idea is to enable the DHCP function of the router. The DHCP will automatically give IP addresses for every computer that connects to the network a very useful tool.

Step 5

When you set up the Wi-Fi network a good idea is to protect your connection by putting a WPA2 encryption. This means that every time a computer will try to access your network a passkey will be required. Make sure you write down the password and remember it. After the set up of the Wi-Fi network a good idea is to connect all the other computers from your home.

By Bob Meadow, published at 02/17/2012
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