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How To Design a Mobile Network


There are so many technologies and services in the world that have much importance and without them routine life is not possible now. One of these facilities and service is mobile technology. Mobiles have become the most needy and basic things in any person’s life. They are the best source and medium to communicate to everyone everywhere in the world. Mobiles are the easiest and user friendly medium that can help you communicate masses rapidly.

Step 1

Though, satellites service is not available in different countries of the world that can give un-interrupted signals or access. Towers and boosters are used normally to give the coverage to users and they are present in different areas from where they can easily provide access and signals to the users. There are many cellular companies who are providing this facility to millions of users. There are many international services also but mostly are restricted to their specific countries.

Step 2

Setting a network mobile is not an easy task; it needs a lot of capital and hundreds of team members. Without experience, knowledge and skills, designing a network mobile is just next to impossible. This is a kind of mega projects that might need years to be in the visible form.

Step 3

Basically a network mobile is designed for the area or country where it is needed mostly and the owner must see any of the profit. The motive of designing a network mobile is to earn a lot of profit by investing million dollars. International network mobile is also working in different countries that have thousands of users.

Step 4

To design a network mobile mega planning is required, following are some points that can be considered while designing a network mobile.

• To design a network mobile, huge amount of investment is necessary, or funders should be in your hand to take the step.

• Only investment is not enough, you also have to search out the best team members and project in charges etc. that may handle all the proceedings.

Step 5

• If you are designing a network mobile, you must evaluate the place where you are going to start this network mobile.

• Allocating the desired place will help to examine the environment and atmosphere of that area. This will help you in the project.


• Before designing a network mobile, you must filter out the needs and requirement of that area about cellular companies and mobiles. This will help you to design a network mobile in a better way as you can fulfill the existing needs.

• You should also check the business requirement of that area and also the infrastructure needs there. This will help you to filter and fulfill the best strategies to boost up your network mobile.

• Security assessment is compulsory of the area where you are willing to setup a network mobile. This will also give you a bright chance to design a network mobile efficiently.


• You management of a network mobile should be very strong to tackle any kind of risk and execute the plans.

• Implementation of the plan is very important; it should be done astonishingly to get the perfect results.

By Eva Rosenberg, published at 05/11/2012
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