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How To Repair a Computer

Published at 02/08/2012 21:56:17


Have you always wanted to repair computer when it broke down right when you needed it most? Have you waited for the tech guy forever to repair computer because you had an overdue paper and you needed that computer? Well here are a few tips for repair computer without having to pay some guy that will be late anyway.

Step 1

Repairing a computer is not hard, you just need to know the basics of what makes a PC work. Of course you can’t repair computer if it caught on fire but you can fix some of the most common issues with PCs.
The easiest way to repair computer is when your computer is a PC and has Windows on it. This combo is usually the most popular out there, so finding help on the Internet should be easy for most issues.

Step 2

First of all to repair computer you need to know what exactly has gone wrong with it. Has it crashed? Maybe displayed an error. Or simply has shut down and won’t start again.
In the case of software problems you won’t need much to repair computer, just a way to get on the Internet. Here there are literarily thousands of help topics for people who are looking to repair computer.

Step 3

Now go on the Internet and simply copy paste the error that you received on Google. Within seconds, hundreds of results will appear, usually from technical forums where people usually go to discuss various errors received. To repair computer you have to understand that the error message itself is the first step to repair computer. If you do not understand the code in the error you should look for it online where it will be explained. Usually next to the explanation of the errors are the most common steps taken to fix the error. To repair computer can sometimes take only a few minutes of online research.

Step 4

If it isn’t a software issue, you didn’t receive an error, or your PC just blew up, don’t be afraid, there might still be hope that you can repair computer.
First of all, you will need to open up your PC case (don’t do this if it’s still in warranty because you will lose it; just take it to where you bought it if it’s still in warranty, the easiest way to repair computer is to get a new one for free) and check for the integrity of all the parts inside the PC case.

Step 5

Check the circuits on the motherboard and video card and if you notice something out of the ordinary, like blown circuits, or blackened areas, you pretty much have found the problem and the respective part just needs replacing in order to repair computer.
Make sure that are parts are screwed in properly and are not loose, clean the dust inside the case , and leave the whole computer unplugged for at least half an hour. A lot of times a computer will shut down and not start again due to its short-circuit protection that will make the PC unusable until it is unplugged for a while.
If there is a video problem make sure it’s not the monitor you are using.


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