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How To Order a Netbook

Published at 02/16/2012 02:04:56


Netbooks are a smaller, much lightweight and a legacy-free version of laptop computers. In addition. Netbooks are technically inexpensive to laptop notebooks. Retailers began to sale netbooks in late 2007, so consumers could have an alternative to laptops. Netbook are smaller than laptops, have lower weight than laptops and cost much less than laptops. Netbooks do not have CD-ROM drives, which makes them weight much less and netbooks use different types of processors. One of the major reasons for the low costs is the omisson of features you would receive on a laptop. Netbooks are generally 2 to 3 pounds and the computer monitor is usually 5 to 12 inches in diameter.

The purpose of the netbook is for traveling and for wireless Internet usage. Since laptops wear more, many people cannot carry them around by hand or in their backpacks. Netbooks are super convenient for traveling and for use in Internet cafes or wi-fi hot spots to access free Internet. Over time, netbooks have grown in features and in size. According to in 2009, one of the editor's of the netbook called it a smaller and cheaper version of the laptop notebook. Many people are confused about netbooks and notebooks since they are both so similar and have almost the same features. Netbooks only operate with a few operating systems, such as Windows XP or Linux. Newer versions of the netbook do operate on Windows 7 Starter Edition. You can order a netbook online at the many online retailers that sell netbooks.

Step 1

Go on or to research a netbook. Make sure you know which netbook you want to purchase before you order a netbook. CNET and Amazon have user reviews, so you can read what consumers have said about a particular netbook. CNET has editioral reviews from CNET staff members that write reviews on every netbook. In addition, CNET has a buying guide and a comparison chart on netbooks, so you can decide which netbook is the best one for you and your budget.

Step 2

Read the reviews on both websites to determine which netbook is right for you. Once you decide on the type of netbook you want to order, you need to pay an account on Amazon is the world's leading online retailer. Amazon sells netbooks and other electronics. You may be able to get a netbook for even cheaper. Sellers sell netbooks for much less than the factory price and you may get a great deal. Some netbooks on Amazon allow you to have free shipping and sometimes you will get a discount.

Step 3

Make your account on The account process is simple. Go to the upper-right corner of Amazon to get your account created. Once you are done with your account, it is time for you to order a netbook.

Step 4

Enter the netbook you want to order in the search box on Amazon. Click on the netbook you want and then add it to your shopping cart by pressing "Add to cart."

Step 5

Go to your shopping cart and then place your order. Go through all of the steps you need to order the netbook and then pay for the netbook. Your netbook should arrive in 5-7 days or depending on your shipping options, less than 3 days.