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Modern technology has ensured that computers are an integral part our lives. They are used to perform all the basic functions of our life and are even used to perform the most complex ones. We have become virtually dependant on computer systems and all of this means that computers are dominating all of the important aspects of our life. Providing entertainment has also become a primary use of the computer. And where there is entertainment media, there are audio systems. One simply cannot enjoy a movie or anything related to entertainment without a good audio system.


The importance of computer audio systems is highlighted by the fact that whatever the form of entertainment, be it games, movies, or even the internet, one simply cannot enjoy the computer experience without good quality speakers. This means that we cannot fully enjoy any electronic data despite having a great computer system, without having equally good computer audio. Thus, one most definitely has to invest in better speaker systems if one plans to fully maximize their computer usage.


There are many types of computer audio systems available in the market. Choosing the right one can seem like tiresome task as anyone can get boggled by the immense range of variety available in the market. This is testament to the growing importance of the computer speaker system and thus, in a way, is a good thing, as it provides one with plenty of options to choose from. Basically, the differences amongst different speakers can be categorized by the number of speakers in the audio system. First of all, there is the basic 2.0 setup which means there are only two speakers which are connected to the computer. Next is the 2.1 setup which includes two speakers as well as a small subwoofer. This is ideal for music lovers as it is not only small and portable, but also provides great sound quality and thus, great for playing music. Next in line is the 5.1 setup which means there are five speakers around a central subwoofer. This is setup most commonly used in home theatre systems. The five speakers can be placed in all corners of the room providing a truly phenomenal experience. One can truly experience the sound in a realistic way by hearing sounds from rear front and sideways. When these sounds are coordinated by the happenings on the computer screen, one can really become one with the entertainment media. It is an experience that can make or break your movie watching experience. With the advances in technology, there is even a 7.1 setup now available in the market but only true sound system enthusiasts should pursue that as it is truly for sound freaks!

Tips and comments

As with all things, it is important one selects the setup that fulfills the needs and requirements of the person. Bigger and better audio systems may seem tempting, but are a burden to carry and transport. And one might not even be able to fully enjoy their functionality in small rooms and apartments. Thus, only opt for the system that is ideal for your room or home.

By Amara, published at 02/21/2012
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