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In this tutorial you will learn what to do to protect your personal information on computer systems. If you need your personal information to be secure we can tell you how.

When you are on line you got to know that nothing is free.
When you see a pop-up with some free time surfing the net, does not mean you necessarily stumbled over a super offer. All you will do it is to pay a price, because your computer systems are infected with spyware. Once it enters your computer every time you access the Internet some individuals are waiting to collect business information about you. And besides that, you will have slow working speed and navigation.


When you use the Internet on your computer systems always use a router.
If you have a DSL or cable, you are left at the mercy of the hackers. They scan your Internet ports and open a free way to take your personal information.
To block the access, interleave a router between the cable modem and computer network. Even if you have one computer and you do not want to network, buy a router that will keep the door closed to hackers.
If you use this router, you will be invisible to them. When they will scan your IP, they will only see the router and if they will search all day your computer systems the will find nothing.

Take care of the wireless network because your computer systems can be vulnerable because of it. Many of you already have a home wireless network. But know that there is a problem with that. If you can browse immediately, so can others. Neighbors or passersby can theoretically enter your network and spread viruses or illegal material.
So secure your wireless router. It is very easy to do that: open a browser window and type your IP address. It will take you to the router settings. Click Wireless and then click Security. Create a password and your network will be secure.


Install a firewall if you want your computer systems to be secure.
Hackers on the Internet work just as some marketing agents, they automatically call any phone numbers. They send calls to thousands of computers and expect answers.
The firewall prevents the computer to respond. Some computers have the firewall set to "OFF". Make sure the firewall is configured properly and updated regularly.
Do not let Free Awards tempt you.
You have probably seen messages like: "You are the 9999th visitor! You've won!" Never open something like that. You will get stuck with a virus or you will leave your door open for strangers to look at the computer systems and find your important data.

Tips and Comments

You can have a clean computer by avoiding spyware.
Some virus spyware records every key you press, including passwords and financial information. Signs that your computer systems may be infected: a sudden pop-up, low performance and unwanted opening of sites.
Spyware protection is included in some antivirus software or can be purchased separately. To avoid this download free software only from trusted sites. Do not click on links in pop-ups or spam e-mail received.

Watch online shopping is another way to protect your data.
Check online stores before entering your card number or other personal information. Read the privacy policy of that site and look if there are options for the exchange of information.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/09/2012
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