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Are you a beginner to this whole new technology trend? Most people feel as if they have walked out of the Stone Age with the advancement of technology and its fast pacing trends. Is there any difficulty in running computers and systems for you? No need to worry, you and probably a million other people face this problem everyday! There is absolutely b=nothing to be ashamed of at all. All you need is a few tips and tricks and you will become a pro at operating any computer and systems. So relax yourself and tell yourself that you can do it, have motivation and everything is possible.


First thing to begin the journey into the cyber world is to figure how these machines and systems work. First of all, what is and operating system? This should be the first question answered before taking any step. Basically, an operating system is the main program on a computer. It executes utilities such as determining what types of software you can install, coordinating the applications running on the processor at any given time, making sure that individual section of hardware, such as printers, keyboards, and disk drives, all correspond appropriately, permitting functions such as word processors, email clients, and web browsers to perform tasks on the system and use other system resource, and it even reports error messages. You have three choices when it comes to deciding what’s the best computer and system. There are three kinds of operating systems being used in the market: MAC, windows, Linux. Each varies according to the users need and intellect. If you are thinking of creating a serve, then Linux would be the best for you. If you want it for more individual basic needs most people prefer windows for that.


To run your personal computer and system smoothly you must adhere to the basic principles of maintenance. These are quite simple and are used in our everyday life tasks. Just like the way you would clean up your room the same thing applies to your CPU and systems. Avoid cluttering your desktop with unnecessary files; most people place them there in the first place is to avoid having to search for them in My Documents or something else. They fail to realize that their short-cut technique is causing them more trouble. Try taking some time out to attend classes that tech you the basic methods of operating your computer and systems. They will teach you basic applications and systems’ maintenance to cut down time for completing any work.

Tips and comments

Focus on becoming more computer literate. As time moves forward so does technology. Everyday new updates are being made on the technology we have been using for years. It’s best to read through the internet about information on new innovations on computers and systems, to better understand their needs and schematics. You don’t need to be a computer whiz and systems geek to comprehend the knowledge for simple tasks like writing out a document. Simple techniques go a long way!

By Leroy Flowers, published at 03/01/2012
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