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The Best Software For Single Core Systems

Published at 02/24/2012 10:18:01


A Single core System is a system that runs on a single processor that is connected to its peripheral devices. These processors have a local memory. In these single core systems software only single threaded applications can be run. These are the applications that operate with one instruction at a time. The applications are like emailing, browsing the web, using office tools and so on. On this processor, one cannot run multiple tasks at the same time due to the performance of the CPU. A Single core system that is fastest is known to have clock speeds that are as high as 8.2 GHz. As the computer technology has advanced, dual core, quad core and six core systems are coming up in the market. The advantage of a single core systems software is the power consumption is less when compared to a dual core system. This is because of the battery size which is bigger for a dual core. The greater the battery size, more the consumption. Hence Battery backup is longer in a single core system.


One can achieve an experience of a dual core even on a single core system with the best software. Intel and AMD provided initially started off with single core processors and have advanced in the present times. There are some factors based on which one can decide which systems software is best suitable for the system.


System speed and support: Android does not support dual core optimizations and for dual core SoCs. The speed of the systems software is same even on a Single core system. Some of the systems software employs single core chips like Snapdragon and get fast results which are comparable to that of a dual core system.

Gaming: Single core systems software can show a very good performance for some of the game designed exclusively for such a system. But some games which are based on visuals and depend on a high end core processor cannot be found impressive on these single core systems. The apps of such a system are different which cannot work on a Single core. Right software will enable the best use of this feature on a single core system.Photo/Video Editing: Video editing systems software is available that is designed to give best performance on a single core system like Windows XP sp3. Some other editing software’s for single core systems are Pinnacle, Adobe Premier Etc.Performance: The single core system has a lower performance when compared to a dual core system but by choosing the right software will enable to give a performance that is good enough to run the task.

Tips and comments

Right software for a single core system is very helpful in an experience that is comparable to a dual core system. It is important to install systems software that is incredible and run on these systems satisfactorily. It is recommended to run Windows XP and Windows Vista on a single core that supports all the requirements of users along with speed, security, performance and technology.