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New Technology For Security Systems And Surveillance

Published at 03/07/2012 00:39:47


While studying about security systems and surveillance, the first question that comes to our mind is, what do we mean by security systems and surveillance? Security systems and surveillance are measures to protect you from certain harm. Security is basically the separation between the assets and harms. In security systems and surveillance, you should consider the reliability as well as the safety. The word surveillance is a french word that means “close observation of a person or group”. The behaviors or activities of individuals or groups by agencies are monitored for protection.


We willnow  take a view of certain types of surveillance and which type is for what purpose; these are as follows:

Computer security systems and surveillance

The data and traffic on the internet is monitored in this type of surveillance.


The tapping of telephone lines is done in all over the world. Mobile phones collect the location data. A new technique is being used to find the geographical location of a mobile phone which is called “Multilateration”.

Surveillance Cameras

These video cameras are used to observe a particular area. There are Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) who keep an eye on the cameras. The footage is monitored by human personnel. These video cameras were expensive, but are now cheaper.


Social Networking Analysis

This includes the maps of social networks, and after the data mining is done, that data is extracted to pull the important or useful patterns from those maps.

Biometric Surveillance

For the sake of authentication, authorization and identification; the characteristics of human beings are monitored, analyzed and measured. These characteristics are either physical (finger prints, DNA, facial expressions), or behavioral (walking and talking styles).

Aerial Surveillance

This is done from the sky, and includes gathering of videos.

Data Mining and Profiling

Data Mining means to extract the important patterns from the cluster of data. It tells what the relations between the previous data. Data Profiling is the process of making a profile by assembling the data about any group or individual. It can be used as a tool for social network analysis.

Corporate Surveillance

In this type of surveillance the behaviour of person/s is monitored by a corporation. The data is continously shared with the government organizations. This type of surveillance is used to tailor the products of corporation or they can sale their products as well or can use them for marketing.

Human Operatives

This type of surveillance is for those corporations who gather the information of the enemies.

Satellite Imagery

In this type of surveillance, the satellites and aircrafts are being used to gather the data. They detect chemical traces and identify any objects.

Identification and credentials

There are some countries which use the Identity card system, but there are some of the countries who face problems in this case. Other identity elements are also used, along with the identity cards which are passports, credit cards, or the driver's licenses.

Tips and comments

RFID and geolocation devices

RFID are the small electronic devices which are used for any product, person, or thing for the sake of identification. There are tags which can be read from far away. They are cheaper and can be inserted into a lot of products for identification causing less cost.

Surveillance devices

These are hidden electronic devices to capture data to a receiving group. These receiving groups are most probabally “Law Enforcement Agencies”.

Postal Services

The postal system is used least now and then, but it is still an option for a law enforcement agency, as the emails and faxes are used a lot.