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5 Things You Must Know About Wireless Systems

Published at 03/08/2012 14:54:44


Before going into details we should know that what is wireless system? Why is it being used? Why is it the hot topic now-a-days?

Using wireless systems you can transfer your information from one point to another even if these points are not physically connected to each other. The distance can be a distance of few meters or a distance of millions of kilometers. It contains wireless networking, Personal Digital Assisstance (PDA’s) and cell phones etc. There are some of the wireless technologies like computer mice, keyboards, GPS units, broadcast television, cordless phones, garage doors, headsets and head phones etc.


This is the communiaction which is not possible by implementing using wires for the communications. Wireless system is mostly used in tele-communication systems which use energy for communication. You should be carefull about the wireless networking that how and where it is being used. You should give valid reason that how your wireless network is more secure as compared to the wired network.

  • You should use a cable for the communication or if you find it very necessary then go for the wireless networking.
  • The default configurations are not secure sometimes in this case. You should secure the networking. You should make the default configurations with the higher level of security.
  • You should secure your wireless network with WPA2 and AES256. WPA Personal uses local key only and WPA Enterprise uses authentication also.
  • You should perform a site survey for the wireless system.
  • You should buy trouble shooting tools for your wireless systems. You have to spend some dollars on buying quality gear for your wireless network system.


There are some common examples of wireless systems.

  • Traffic control systems
  • Infrared devices and remote control devices
  • If you need point to point communication then use laser light systems.
  • Family radio service, general mobile radio service etc
  • The amateur radio service
  • Global Positioning service: drivers of cars, trucks, boats and ships etc can have their location.
  • Land Mobile Radio and Specialized Mobile Radio
  • Consumer and proffesional mobile radios
  • Cellular telephones and pagers: It connects the portable and different mobile applications.
  • Cordless computer peripherals: For example cordless mouse, keyboards, printers, wireless USB or bluetooth etc.
  • Cordless phones: the devices are of limited range.
  • Satellite television
  • Modulated laser light systems which are used for point to point communications.

Tips and comments

Wireless systems are majorly used for the laptop users or for mobile networks that move from location to location. They are connected via satellite. Wireless systems should be used to justify following situations:

  • To span the distance if the cabling is not possible
  • If there is a network failure, then it provides backup communications.
  • It should be used where temporary workstations need to be linked.
  • If normal cabling is not possible then that situation can be overcome.
  • To remotely connect mobile users.

Wireless communications can be through:

  • Radio frequency communication
  • Microwave communication
  • Infrared short range communciation

There can be point to point communication, point to multi-point communication, broadcasting and wireless networks.