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How To Get Xbox 360 Systems


The Xbox 360 systems are video game systems produced by Microsoft. Xbox 360 systems are considered seventh generation game consoles just like the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3. As of January 2012, Xbox 360 systems have sold approximately 66 million systems worldwide.

The Xbox 360 systems were first launched on May 12th, 2005 and were introduced on MTV and atthe E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). One the first day of its release, the Xbox 360 systems sold out everyone in the world except Japan.

Features of the Xbox 360 systems are its ability to connect players on live with Xbox Live, downloading game demos, game trailers, downloading arcade games, television shows, movies, music and the ability to use Windows Media Center. Xbox 360 systems have music apps such as Zune and video apps such as NetFlix, YouTube and ESPN. Depending on the region, you receive different types of apps, for example, in the UK, you can receive Sky Go.

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010, Microsoft revealed that they were going to redesign the original Xbox 360 systems into a slimmer version. The original Xbox 360 systems were white in color and much heavier, but the new Xbox 360 systems were slimmer and were black in color. Other features of the new Xbox systems are the five USB ports, built-in Wi-Fi and other features. The original Xbox 360 systems are out of circulation, but users can still purchase those Xbox 360 systems online.

You can get Xbox 360 systems easily on the Internet. You have to make a few decisions before you decide to get Xbox 360 systems.

Step 1

Determine which Xbox 360 systems you want to purchase. The original Xbox 360 systems are still on sale or refurbished, but you will not get the new features that are on the newer Xbox 360 systems. The newer Xbox 360 systems come in two versions. One comes with a 4GB hard drive and the other comes in a 250GB hard drive. The 4GB hard drive version is $100 less than the 250GB version. You could buy the 4GB version and then get a bigger hard drive to save money, but the hard drive will cost you $100. It it would be a good idea to get the 250GB version.

Step 2

Go to Gamestop is one of the major video game retailers in the world that sells video games, video game accesories and video game consoles including the Xbox 360 systems.

Step 3

Create a Gamestop account. You need an account to get Xbox 360 systems. Go to "Log In/Register" to begin creating your account.

Step 4

Complete the Gamestop account process. You need to enter personal and financial information. Complete the account and then go to a section called "Xbox 360" and then hover your mouse over that area and then click "Game System" in the "Xbox Hardware" column.

Step 5

Add the Xbox 360 systems to the shopping cart and then purchase the game console. Follow all of the instructions to complete the purchasing process to get the Xbox 360.



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