How To Use Psp Systems
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How To Use Psp Systems

Published at 03/18/2012 23:13:43


How To Use Psp Systems

The PSP is one of the most popular handheld systems you’ll find in the market. Since its launch in the market it practically revolutionized the way people felt about handheld gaming systems. What is sad is that a lot of people really under estimate the PSP’s capabilities. You really get annoyed when people say "it is just play station." They do not realize that the fact you can move around with a play station is already too good to be true but the PSP system has much more features. You can watch movie, listen to music, surf the internet and even Skype on your PSP. Now you have to respect that at least. Here’s a general overview on how to properly use all the features and basics on how to use a PSP.

Step 1

Pick up the owner’s manual of the PSP systems and start reading on all the features. Learn how to use them, activate them and see how you can use them for yourself. Like learn how to install apps like Skype. Learn how to use the Wi-Fi and connect to the internet at home or in cafes.

Step 2

Make sure your PSP is always charged. Of course you can’t use the PSP unless it is fully charged all the time. Plug the charger in a normal wall outlet and insert the smaller end of the charger into the yellow charging hole of the PSP systems. It usually takes several hours for the PSP to charge completely so always give it time. Preferably leave it on charge when going to take a nap or sleep so it has uninterrupted charging time.

Step 3

Now you have to join the Play Station Network. The PSN is a must join feature although not a lot of people have joined the network. It comes on the main screen when you start up your PSP systems but you need your parent’s permission to join the network.

Step 4

Now if your PSP is fully charged, switch it on by pushing the power button. You will find the button at the bottom of the systems. If it is the first time you are starting the PSP then it will prompt you for time and date settings, if you have a game disc in the PSP then it will directly start to load the game otherwise it will come to the default PSP screen.

Step 5

Choose the best firmware that you like. Every once in a while Sony issues a new firmware for the PSP systems. The newer versions allow additional benefits and features like more supported formats of videos, music. Some newer firmware’s don’t allow you to use custom made games and apps. Now add music, games, videos and movies to your PSP so when you go out you can play them and use them on the go.


How To Use Psp Systems

So here are some of the basic overview on how to use your PSP systems. The PSP is also one of the most coolest systems you could be seen with and definitely adds to your status.

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