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The company Air Systems International was founded in 1984, and it is now an important manufacturer of safety and ventilation equipment designed for Construction, Industrial, Military Defence, Government, Hazmat & Emergency Response, Fire & Rescue applications. They are having a large distribution network for delivering their products all over Canada, the United States and many other states. The company is not only manufacturing a large variety of products, but it is also providing a complete design and engineering team to deal with complex air systems applications. Corporate headquarters are located in 829 Juniper Crescent, Chesapeake, Virginia 23320. At present Air Systems International owns an ISO 9001:2000 certification and it is a RoHS compliant.

Company overview

In 1984 the company was founded under the name of Safety Specialists Company, but two years later it changed the name into Air Systems International, Inc. For over 20 years the company was a leader in ventilation, breathing air filtration, air carts and other related equipment for fire services and confined space entry. Their export market is now counting the following regions: Latin America/Caribbean, South America, Canada, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Pacific Rim, Australia, China and Mexico. The company has registered many well known brand names, as for example: Auto-Air, BAUER, Breather Box, CEJN, Chicago Die Casting, Cool Box, Cool Roller, Drag-Bag, Ergo-Air, Hansen, etc.

Company commitment

Since their beginnings, the company had as objective to provide safety products and services of a superior quality, in order to meet or exceed the expectations and needs of all costumers. In the management processes, production lines and their support services, the company is applying the standards ISO 9002. They are entirely committed to the needs of their customers, and their attitude is focused on responding to the environment requirements and concerns of their clients. The products manufactured by Air Systems were developed for covering specific needs, or for performing work in a safer environment and with a greater productivity. The company’s strategy is to continue to respond to all demands and innovative ideas of their customers, which are their most valued asset.

Air Systems products and services

The company designs and manufactures air filtration and confined space equipment. In the category of filtration equipment the company produces systems for filtrating the breathing air, breathing air panels, filter carts, reserve air systems, airline monitors, kits for testing air quality, and other breathing air accessories. Another category of products provided by Air Systems International are including: breathing air pump compressors, portable cooling air systems, bottled air carts, plant air systems, etc. They are also offering multi air command kits, high pressure fill in compressors, PPB blowers, and body cooling systems, fume extractors, filtered vacuums, respirators, cylinders and many other accessories for applications related to environmental control. Furthermore, the company is providing various equipment for space ventilation, as for example kits for confined space ventilation, pneumatic and centrifugal air blowers, saddle vents, applications and accessories for ventilation, trailers and accessories for fire and rescue, and various breathing air systems. The Air Systems International products are offered through a large network of representatives, spread all over the American, Canadian, and other countries territory.

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