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Using Car Navigation Systems

Published at 03/24/2012 21:59:03


Before the world embraced GPS technology, it was extremely difficult to maneuver through a new town, countries or even places you were not familiar with. GPS systems have come to the aid of many people who relied on directions from people, road sign and maps. Car navigation systems use Global Positioning Systems navigation devices to locate cars anywhere in the world. Car navigation systems are using GPS systems to provide drivers with turn by turn directions to their desired destinations. GPS car navigation systems use a combination of several sensors, gyroscopes and accelerometers to determine the car’s position. A graphical representation of the location of the vehicle can be viewed using the LCD screen which is also used to interact with the user, and the system issues verbal commands to the user.


Although car navigation systems have been of great help to many around the world, they are becoming a common source of accidents. It is recommended that you program your destination into the cars navigation system before departing on your journey. Use of the car navigation systems is very distracting and has resulted in some fatal crashes. Trying to program a destination while driving is like texting while driving, and it poses a great danger to you and other road users.

For new users, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the navigation systems you are using. Get to know some of the features contained in the system. Find out if you have to load maps, does it give real-time traffic and weather updates, is it Bluetooth compatible, can it play DVD ROMS or CD ROMs. Knowing your car’s navigation systems will give you a very clear picture of what to expect when using it on the road. This will make it extremely easy to use and will instill a certain feeling of confidence in using the system.


Car navigation systems greatly rely on user input. Before a navigation system begins to issue instruction it is required that you feed it with your destination. Knowing the address is always better than searching as you could easily select a wrong destination or misspell an address. Wrong input means that it will direct you to a in correct destination.

Over time, we tend to trust navigation systems. However, before following any commands make sure that they are logical commands. Navigation systems are not supposed to replace your sense of direction but rather work together to assist you arrive at your destination in the shortest time possible. Accidents have been reported where people followed the navigation systems commands which led them to crash into houses, trees and even other vehicles.

Tips and comments

Some unique navigation systems have a speed limiter feature. You could use this to limit your speeds and be on the safe side of the law. It will also help you focus on driving as you don’t have to stare at your odometer at all times trying not to over speed. If available on your navigation systems, use them as it will be much safer for you to concentrate on driving.