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About Phone Business Systems

Published at 03/24/2012 21:03:00


About Phone Business Systems

Every company needs a strong customer relations and support base to be successful. Moreover, it is all the more important to maintain contact between different levels of hierarchy within a company as well. Phone business systems aid in serving this very purpose and they differ in nature depending upon the size and requirements of every firm. Small firms will need the basic features and advantages, however, the larger firms will have more extensive targets that must be reached.


The very basic phone business systems will comprise of two or more telephones connected to each in a format that outside party calls can be made, received and transferred internally. All new systems are digital in comparison to the older ones, but are divided into two broad categories. PBX Phone systems are derived directly from the traditional switchboard phones. It stands for Private Branch Exchange as is a box that interconnects all your phones for related purposes. When making a call, it selects an appropriate line and when connecting call it appropriates to desired extension It also contains additional features like voicemail, call forwarding amongst others. VoIP phone systems are the more modern and contemporary version gaining popularity only over the past few years. This is preferred more by large scale companies and stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. These phone business systems incorporate the internet rather than making use of just the plain telephone lines. In this case the calls are managed via the internet using special software rather than reliance on a manual switching system.


Modern phone business systems offer extended and additional features that were introduced just a few years, and make it attractive for companies to manage a shift towards their adoption. They offer features like background music that entertains your callers while they’re on hold. Voicemail is also activate and allows callers to leave messages for selected people and generalized ones as well. This makes it easier for companies to get back to their customers in cases of intense traffic. Phone business systems also allow people to forward their calls to other workers while they’re out of this office, this feature will obviously reduce the waiting time for customers. Moreover, rather than being directed to operators customers can choose from a wide array of possible options that connect them to different departments and personnel depending upon their need. If this system is connected to the internet it is considerably easy to retrieve past calls and recordings, determine talk time and other essential aspects. Moreover, the technology has even permitted the use of wireless headsets reducing the need to be immobile while answering calls and cordless phones that allow for more room and less clutter in offices.

Tips and comments

Phone business systems need to be supplied from a reliable source to ensure durability and functioning. The supplier must obviously offer support for all the workers who intend to use this system, so they can derive maximum benefit from it. Moreover, in crisis situations technicians supplied must be available to resolve problems with limited hassle. A comprehensive and cheap installation package must be available inclusive of the reliability of the supplier.