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A server is like a program that performs tasks for other users. These users are its clients. There are
various kinds of servers that that function to meet different requirements. People usually interpret
servers to mean computer. This computer has a multifunction and is linked to man other computers.
The term server has begun to be used in very broad terms. A server can also be seen as a networking
device such as the internet protocol. A number of functions and programs are being classified into the
category of servers. For example, File sharing strictly speaking should not be termed as a server but it
still referred by people as a server.


In very past, devices did not contain operating systems or servers. These were pretty outdated devices
and most of the inputs were fed into the device mechanically. In the 1950s the way computers were
built and designed allowed them to only run one program at a time. There was also no concept of a
client-server network. It was only through the advancement of technology and the effort put in by the
geniuses of the world that server systems were invented. Today, life is virtually impossible without these
server systems.


Networking and remaining connected to other users is essential in todays fast pace world. Organizations
and businesses remain connected to important stakeholders through the use of server systems. With
an organization, servers systems act as a storehouse of information. It holds details about clients,
employees managers etc. Servers allow these organizations to stay in touch with the whole world via
the internet. This has become imperative because of the globalization that is taking place. As a result,
servers systems sometimes become the primary means of communication both within and outside
an organization. Server Systems are also needed by organizations for website maintenance and web
hosting. Web hosting through server systems brings in a lot of money. A shared server is best in this
regard since it allows you to host man websites at the same time. There are a number of important
aspects that you need to know when it comes to system servers. Firstly, you need to know about the
server uptime. This is the length of time during which the server can operate on its own. A good server
works longer without crashing. However, almost all system servers experience downtimes. These are
disruptions in the functioning of the system servers. This can be due to a number of technical faults.
Mostly, it takes a while for the server to get back up.

Tips and comments

If you are part of an organization, your aim would be to maximize the returns your organization gets.
This can be achieved only by increasing the server uptime. This requires a monitoring of the server
systems. This should be done after regular intervals. Any problem that arises should be immediately
fixed before it causes the server to go down. For this you need a team of well-trained engineers that can
carry out the task efficiently.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/29/2012
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