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Great Advice For Storage Closet Systems

Published at 04/05/2012 21:38:29


Closet storage systems provide order and visibility. Your clothes will be neatly hung and the shelves will be neatly sorted, and you will be able to see all clothing and accessories. Closet storage systems have the ability to maximize spaces in small closets, and in larger closets organizers bring the contents together in an understandable manner.

Closet storage systems provide a variety of storage and organization products that can be used for homes, businesses and schools. The closet storage systems can be designed for kitchens, pantries, storage closets or in any area that needs to be kept organized. This can be professionally installed, or as a "do-it-yourself project."

There are many different options when choosing closet storage systems. One can design the system to suit their own needs or some companies can design the system for the customer. They create organization and efficiency that will make more room for storage at an affordable price to the customer. Closet storage systems are usually either wood or wire and easy to install yourself. Wood organizers look more elegant, but wire tends to be more flexible and more affordable. The wire closet organizers have more ventilation for your clothes, as well.

By searching the Internet for “closet storage systems," one can find online company websites that show different possibilities. Most of these companies have on their websites an interactive program that lets the consumer create their own closet storage systems.

The interactive program shows a product list, floor and wall plans that can be customized by the consumer. The consumer can choose a layout to fit any storage space. The layout can then be customized with shelves, racks or organizing items. Think about the type of clothing that you need to organize.

One can also look in magazines for storage ideas. Photos of closet and storage spaces in homes or businesses can help with design choices. Closet storage systems can be purchased online, at a home improvement center or discount stores. Shoe racks to sit on the floor or on the shelves, hanging shoe bags for shoes or shoe boxes that are stackable can provide more room for shoes on the floor racks. Tie racks for ties and belt racks for belts if you have a lot of these. Cap holders for caps to keep their shape. Cloth closet organizers can be used to organize folded clothing, towels, sheets, shoes, or any number of lightweight household supplies.

Types of Organization Systems

  • Home office/office
  • Living room/entertainment
  • Garage
  • Bedroom/closet
  • Kitchen/pantry
  • Utility/laundry
  • Storage closet

Assortment of Storage Solutions

  • Wire shelving
  • Adjustable mounted shelves
  • Wood closet organizers
  • Cube storage
  • Wood stackable storage
  • Wire drawer systems
  • Stackable storage cabinets
  • Wire kits

Tips and comments

Whatever system you choose, make it easy to stay organized. Consider using open shelving, clear front drawers and bins (without lids) to keep things neatly in sight and easily accessible. Consider getting rid of excess clothing or items in your closet that you do not use. If you have not worn it, looked for it or needed it in the past year, then it is time to get rid of it. Also consider donating your unwanted items to a local charity.