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Robert Bosch GmbH (commonly known as Bosch) is a multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Erlangen, near Stuttgart, Germany. It is the world's largest supplier of automotive components and other home and security appliances. The company was founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in 1886.

In 2001, Bosch bought Detection Systems and Radiances, Inc., to build their business in the North American security and life safety products manufacturing/supply business. Through the Detection Systems, Bosch obtained additional sales channels in Latin America, Asia-Pacific (including Australia), and Europe.

Bosch video security system is for security management. The components of borsch video security systems are as follows.

  • Central Server software provides management, monitoring, and control of the entire system.
  • Video Recording Manager (VRM) and Network Video Recorder (NVR) services provide recording and playback management of video, audio, and data.
  • Configuration Client software provides the user interface for system configuration and management.
  • Operator Client software provides the user interface for system monitoring and operation.


All these software components can be used on a single computer for small systems or even on separate PC’s for large systems. Bosch Video Recording Manager (VRM) provides a Distributed Network Video Recorder solution, eliminating the need for dedicated NVRs, and signaling the second generation of IP Network video recording. The VRM provides load balancing and failover for the iSCSI storage and makes it easy to add additional iSCSI storage later on. VRM introduces the concept of a storage virtualization layer. This abstraction layer enables VRM to manage all of the individual disk arrays in the entire system as a single “virtual” common pool of storage, which is intelligently allocated as needed.




  • Updates of Operator Client and Configuration Client automatically deployed from Central Server.
  • Supports all Bosch MPEG4 & H.264 encoders, MPEG4 & H.264 IP cameras and IP Auto Dome cameras in SD &.
  • HD format, decoders, Allegiant, DiBos, Bosch POS/ ATM Bridge, and Dibos compatible ATM Bridge.
  • Supported HD resolutions: 720p and 1080p


  • Automatic discovery of IP devices
  • Automatic IP address assignment of IP devices
  • Batch firmware updates of IP devices
  • Failover NVR configurable to backup Primary NVRs
  • Redundant NVR
  • Configurable Logical Tree
  • Predefined camera sequences“Automatic Sequences” created by multiple selection and drag and drop to Image panes
  • Four configurable user-event buttons
  • System Monitoring
  • System-wide health monitoring, including cameras, computers, software, and network equipment
  • Network equipment and other third-party devices monitored with SNMP


  • Scheduling
  • Up to 10 Recording schedules with Holidays and Exception Days.
  • Task Schedules with Holidays, Exception Days, and recurring schedule support.
  • Per camera settings for minimum and maximum recording times.
  • Per camera, per recording schedule frame rate and quality settings for live, normal recording,
  • Alarm Handling
  • Alarms can trigger alarm.
  • -mode recording for any cameras.
  • 100 alarm priorities
  • Selective auto.
  • popup on alarmAlarms displayed in separate alarm windowUp to 5 Image panes per alarm with live or playback video, sitemaps, documents, or web pages displayed in an “alarm row”,
  • with highest priority alarms on top
  • Audio file per alarm with user instructions and user comments, optionally forced before clearing
  • Email or SMS notification on alarm
  • Alarm display on analog monitor walls.
  • Alarm auto clear options either time or state dependent.
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