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From all the brands in the systems audio market, Logitech is the best when it comes to relation between price and quality. Logitech is in the systems audio market for a long time and their engineers are some of the best in the field.


There were always speaker systems for PCs and speaker systems to DVD or Blu-ray players. About five years ago Logitech created an ideal product for any equipment, room size or level of claims in systems audio sound quality. It was the Z5500. A great success at launch and for in the following years, those systems audio had both analog and digital inputs and did a great job in transforming a stereo source into a surround one with the push of a button. It had a console with which you could apply some effects, you could control the differential volume for each group of satellites and subwoofer, and if you were away from the systems audio you could, any second, use a very simple remote control to perform some simple functions. Years passed and the company felt that Logitech Z5500 systems audio must be replaced with another titan, as imposing, as determined in terms of sound and power, especially as suitable for the bedroom and a living room or even for a conference. The company created as a successor the popular Z906 systems audio, 500W with 5 satellites and a subwoofer, a console and a remote control.


If you can distinguish a major change between the two systems audio that would be how the control console is built. If for Z5500 the console was vertical and almost impossible to integrate into an audio line but rather near a PC monitor, the Z906 systems audio console is horizontal and integrates easily into any environment, whether it is placed under the TV or is integrated in a tight place over a new Blu-ray player. The size and construction of satellites is extremely important because they need to be integrated easily in any environment. If you want to hang them to a wall or you want to put them on a substrate, using the thin strips under each satellite and the tabernacle hanging on the back of each, you choose what option suits you best. With 67W RMS for each satellite, to which are added the 165W that can be emitted in the form of low sound by the subwoofer, the power and clarity of the sound that will fill your living room, will make you happy after you've positioned the systems audio for home cinema experience. Also regarding the design, Logitech chose dark colors and matte materials rather than glossy acrylic to give to the systems audio a more professional look and better suited to any environment.

Tips and Comments

In terms of connecting all the wires connect to the subwoofer. The satellites of these systems audio are using the same remote stereo cables (red and black) that you used to connect the speakers when you were small, while the source is connected either with 3 stereo jacks (5.1 sound from a PC), 2RCA's (classic stereo to a TV or DVD player), 2 optical (digital 5.1 sound from a Blu-ray player, game console or TV) or a coaxial. In total there are 5 separate sources of digital and analog sound that the system knows to reproduce both stereo and 5.1.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/16/2012
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Brand For the Best Audio Systems. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.