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Telling for certain which systems operating software is the best is almost impossible. There are many systems operating software that aren’t well known by most of the people. Almost 80% of the operating system market belongs to Microsoft’s Windows. Windows is certainly the most popular systems operating software but this doesn’t really mean it’s the best. There are other operating systems that don’t have the same amount of publicity and which are in fact pretty good.


There are a large number of forums that discussed a lot on this theme but no one can tell exactly. When it comes to systems operating software, I like to think of only three possibilities. These are Windows, Mac OS and Linux. There are other operating systems like Jnode, FreeVMS, DexOs, Inferno, KolibriOS, OpenBSD, Aros, ReactOS or Haiku. All these alternative systems operating software have some unique qualities but because they aren’t that used by people. I will leave them out of this discussion. We will focus on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. I would like to begin the discussion with Windows. The really good thing about Windows is that is really wide spread and there are a lot of applications and programs that run only on Windows. When it comes to gaming Windows has the upper hand because some games cannot run without DirectX. Another good thing about Windows is that all the hardware components have drivers that are compatible with this operating system. But not everything is good in Windows. There are a lot of viruses, spyware and other adware that will reduce your systems operating software performance. Windows requires regular maintenance to keep the performance up. Another con is that Windows is quite an expensive systems operating software. The Mac OS X has probably the simplest interface that has a lot of advanced features. Because its UNIX based there are no virus threats or malware attacks. The only security problem is some Trojans but their number is small. Apple is developing a blacklist that will keep away all of these Trojans. Mac OS X has the second software collection, most of the popular software can also be found for Mac. The Mac OS X has always been known as a very reliable and high performance systems operating software. The bad part of Mac OS X is that is only available for Apple manufactured hardware. The number of applications is also smaller in comparison with Windows.


Linux is another UNIX-based systems operating software that like the Mac OS X has a small number of security threats. The best thing about Linux is that is free and it can run on every computer. Linux it’s very easy to customize and you can find a lot of free open source software. Linux has a very low requirements and it gives very good performance. The bad part about Linux is that it requires more knowledge than the other two. Linux it’s not a systems operating software that is gamer friendly.

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In conclusion there is no certain way to decide which is the best systems operating software. For me the best operating system is the one that I know and I am accustomed to.

By Bob Meadow, published at 02/15/2012
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